Fort Collins


Tucked at the base of the Rocky Mountains, Heli-One’s facility in Fort Collins includes a component, engine, and avionics shop.  The facility was established in 1981, employs close to 60 employees and is approximately 80,000 square feet.  

Fort Collins Facility Services

  • Major and non-major component repair and overhaul
    • Components: AS350, AS355, H130
  • NDT, inspections and certifications
  • Arriel engine test cell
    • Engines: Arriel 1 & Arriel 2
  • OEM-certified welding services
Fort Collins - Specialized Equipment
Component Cleaning
Chemical cleaning
Media blasting – Aluminum oxide, Glass bead & Plastic media
Solvent wash
Chemical Paint removal Ultra Sonic (Ardrox product)
(PT) Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection
(MT) Magnetic Particle Inspection
(ET) Eddy Current Inspection
(UT) Ultrasonic Inspection
Machine Shop
Horizontal Boring operations
Grinding operations
Lathe / Turning operations
Vertical milling
Welding Shop
Gas tungsten Arc welding
Resistance (Spot) welding
Heat treating
Gas metal arc welding
Paint Shop