Customer Support at Heli-One

Customer Support at Heli-One perform a critical function: they are the liaison between customers and maintenance and business operations. Customer Support Officers are located around the world, ready to support their customers in different time zones and languages. The Customer Support department is divided in two - Americas and EMEA - each lead by a regional Manager. 

Customer Survey - Findings & Prize Draw Video

Thank you for participating and congratulations to our winners! We look forward to running this survey again in 2022. 

Customer Survey - Findings Action Plan

Based on the survey findings, here are three key action steps that Heli-One is committed to completing:

1. Communication
  • Increase H1 news and capability announcements on marketing channels (social media, website, e-newsletter) 

  • Establish set customer communication & feedback touchpoints at key project/transactional milestones 

  • Set TAT expectations with customer to align timelines

2. Quotation

  • Quotations with more detail, consistency and increased transparency

3. PBH Support

  • Review AOG process

  • Improve support by enhancing staff technical education and service agreement understanding


Further Follow Up

A number of respondents indicated that they were interested in learning more about "Supply Chain/Inventory Management" - we want to know, what does that mean to you? The world is of Supply Chain and Inventory Management is so diverse, we would like to get some specific terms, phrases or examples that you'd like to see from Heli-One's services and offerings. 
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