The updated facilities in Norway opened in 1998 and is strategically located at the Stavanger Airport next to a major North Sea helicopter operations. Heli-One Norway’s 215,000 square foot facility is known for its expertise and experience in supporting helicopter operations in Europe and around the world.  

Stavanger Facility Services:

  • Base maintenance: AS332 series, AS365 series, H135 P/T series, H155, H225, AW139, Bell 212/412, S-61, S-92
  • Major and non-major component repair and overhaul
    • AS332 series, ​H225, S-76, S-92, AW139, AS365, H155, AS350
  • NDT, inspections and certifications
  • EASA Part-21 approved Design Organization (design & modifications)
  • 6 helicopter maintenance bays
  • Engine test cell
  • Gearbox test cell
  • Engines: Makila 1A series, CT7-8A
  • Airframe & component painting
  • Avionics Shop (Level 3 Repair Capability)
  • Blade shop (AS332, H225, AS350)


Approved Maintenance Organization: TCCA, FAA, EASA (Part 145)
OEM: Bell, Leonardo, Safran
Regional: Brazil, China, Japan, India
Military Aviation Authority (UK)

To review these approval documents and more certifications - visit the Certificates & Approvals page. 

VIDEO: Take an inside look at Heli-One and our Norway facility

Stavanger - Specialized Equipment
Component Cleaning
Chemical cleaning
Media blasting – Aluminum oxide, Glass bead & Plastic media
Solvent wash
Vapour degreasing
(PT) Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection
(MT) Magnetic Particle Inspection
(ET) Eddy Current Inspection – Level 1-3
(RT) X-Ray – Level 1-3
(UT) Ultrasonic Inspection – Level 1-3
Machine Shop
CNC Machining
Horizontal Boring operations
Grinding operations
Lathe/Turning operations
Felt metal grinding
Welding Shop
Gas tungsten Arc welding
Resistance (Spot) welding
Heat treating
Surface Treating
Cadmium plating
Chromate conversion coating
Acid etching
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