Boundary Bay Paint Shop

Boundary Bay Paint Booth

Heli-One Canada’s painting team delivers quick turnaround times (TAT) using the latest and eco-friendly paint technology. 3 paint booths accommodate large airframes, multiple rotor blades and components. Timed heating and airflow technology accelerates drying - reducing time for complex work. A full repaint of a Bell 412 can be done in 14 days.

Boundary Bay Paint Capabilities:

  • Main booth: 12,064 ft2 - comfortably fits heavy aircraft such as AS332 Super Puma, Sikorsky S-92
  • Two-800 ft2 booths for large component and engine painting: accommodates rotor blades, landing gear, gearboxes, and engines
  • Downdraft air circulation for efficient paint distribution
  • Booths can be heated up to 110F which reduce drying time by up to 50%
  • Timer controlled booth increases paint work efficiency for shorter project TATs
  • In-house graphics and stencil production eliminates external resource costs and reduces TAT
Paint Example_Royal Thai Navy

Eco-friendly Technology:

  • Heli-One has been utilizing eco-friendly waste management since 2007
  • All liquid industrial waste is incinerated and solid remains are inert, contain no VOCs and are disposable
  • Cost savings from waste removal is passed onto the customer
  • Minimized carbon footprint: a full repaint of a Bell 412 produces 165 gallons of liquid waste which is incinerated into 2.2 gallons of inert solid waste
Read more about the eco-friendly and efficiency initiatives at the Boundary Bay Paint Shop here. 
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