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    • AS332
    • Military
    Infrared Suppression System
    Protection from Heat Seeking MissilesProject No. CHA332-78-001
    Provides enhanced safety while operating VFR and IFR in environments 
    where shoulder-launched or other heat seeking missiles may be in hostile hands. Decreases the IR visibility of the aircraft with minimal consequence 
    to performance.

    Modification details

    Title Infrared Suppression System
    Aircraft Aircraft Here
    Approvals ​​ TCCA STC, Swedish Military
    Purpose Protection from heat-seeking missiles 
    Weight of Kit ​96.4kg
    Installation Time Low

    Description of modification

    Developed by Heli-One’s partner Davis Engineering, the Infrared Suppression System is an exhaust cooling system that decreases the IR visible exhaust plume of the rotorcraft by about 90% while not decreasing engine power measurably; only decreasing maximum speed of the machine by 2 knots and not affecting handling at all. The installation involves a small modification to the aft transmission housing to install a structural frame to which the exhaust ducts attach, as well as modification to the engine tail pipe and installation of mounting brackets on the fuselage. The whole exhaust assemblies are hinged and can be rotated up for routine maintenance.
    • ATA: 78 Exhaust
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