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    • AS332
    • Military
    • SAR
    • LAW
    • EMS
    Night Vision Lights
    NVIS Dome LightsProject No. AHSE-61010
    NVIS Dome Lights provides cabins with efficient lighting and the option to dim the lights from the flight deck.

    Modification details

    Title Night Vision Lights
    Aircraft AS332 (L/L1)
    Approvals EASA Minor
    Purpose Night Vision
    Weight of Kit 2.47kg
    Installation Time Medium

    Description of modification

    Heli-One offers NVIS Dome Lights installation for helicopters. Located in the overhead flight deck, the 58 Lighting Panel controls the 4ea NVG dome 
    lights within the cabin. The system consists of the following components: 4ea Dome Lights, Dimming unit, Dimming potentiometer, ON/OFF/NVG switch on the 58 Lighting Panel. When the Cabin Lighting switch is set to ON and OFF position, the fluorescent cabin lighting operates as normal, and in NVG position these lights are not affected (OFF). When the Cabin Lighting switch is set to NVG, only the Dome Lights are illuminated and can be controlled from the dimming potentiometer. The design may be adapted to other aircraft types upon request.
    • ATA: 33 Lights
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