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    Utility Interior with LED Lighting
    Soft Shell Interior KitProject No. CHA332-25-037
    This kit replaces the typical hard interior trim with quilted blanket style lightweight items. All lights are replaced with low profile LED units.

    Modification details

    Title Utility Interior with LED Lighting
    Aircraft AS332 (L)
    Approvals TCCA STC
    Purpose Weight, Power Saving and Improved Access
    Weight of Kit 30kg
    Installation Time High

    Description of modification

    This modification removes any hard panels, all brackets, speakers, lights and window reveals. Considerable weight is removed and interior volume is increased. New smaller speakers are recessed higher into ceiling. Downwash lights, emergency lights, exit and ordinance signs are replaced with LED lights which are both brighter and consume less power. New window reveals are installed. Design meets all Part 29 requirements including flammability and egress related design standards.
    • ATA: 25 Equipment / Furnishings
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