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CHC Helicopter is the world’s largest helicopter services company specializing in three areas of operation: helicopter maintenance, repair and overhaul; transportation to offshore oil and gas platforms; and rescue services. The breadth and depth of CHC’s experience across these three areas is what makes each of our offers special. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, CHC operates more than 240 aircraft in around 30 countries, on 7 continents.

CHC’s purpose

Providing unmatched helicopter services that enable customers to go further, do more and come home safely.

Helicopter maintenance, repair and overhaul

State-of-the-art repair and overhaul facilities, backed with incomparable expertise allows Heli-One to negotiate superior equipment and parts discounts, harness increased purchasing power and decrease costs associated with post-delivery modifications. 
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Oil and Gas

CHC Helicopter is a world leader in the provision of transportation to offshore oil and gas platforms and vessels. Helicopter flight over open water is a specialized form of aviation that requires specific equipment, training and procedures. As rigs move farther and farther offshore, the challenges posed by weather, distance and other factors require a dedication to safety and quality that is unsurpassed. 
CHC Oil & Gas


Helicopter SAR is a unique service, performed in the most challenging circumstances. We operate one of the world’s largest networks of SAR services. Our experience is extensive. Our expertise and capability are proven.

We provide new-technology aircraft that make us leaders in our field. And our people routinely demonstrate skill, courage and dedication in undertaking missions in the most testing of conditions.

The right aircraft, the best people, the latest technology, the most extensive experience. Whatever it takes, we’re ready.
CHC Search & Rescue

You can also apply to jobs within the CHC group of companies by visiting CHC’s careers page.
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