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Heli-One celebrates customer operations February 20, 2013

Heli-One supports customers operating in a huge variety of market sectors; oil & gas, law enforcement, search and rescue, emergency medical service, air transport – and more. No matter what challenging environment in which the customer operates – safety is always the number one priority. Heli-One can give peace of mind to customers: safety is our number one priority, too.

Heli-One ensures helicopters have the capability and the reliability needed for customers to get on with their tough jobs. The Heli-One brand strapline ‘Knowledge at your service’ is not an empty promise; it is Heli-One’s expertise and operating know-how which gives customers the ultimate in service and operational edge.

For 2013 Heli-One has launched a new advertising campaign with the help of some of their customers. The campaign is christened ‘Safe in the knowledge’ and uses exciting photos of customer aircraft in action. 

Heli-One would like to say thank you to customers for their kind permission to reproduce photos.

Customers featured in the campaign include:

Bundespolizei, Germany


Heli-One provides continuing comprehensive MRO support to Bundespolizei’s fleet of Super Pumas, used for missions including border security, counter-terrorism and air rescue.

Era Helicopters LLC, USA


Customers like Era demand support 24/7 365 days a year for their specialist offshore mission profiles. Heli-One offers integrated PBH solutions for most mid and heavy aircraft models.

HM Coastguard, UK


Heli-One supports the rugged AW139s and S-92s used by HM Coastguard to deliver a new level of SAR operational capability around the British Isles.

Lufttransport AS, Norway

lufttransport-as-04Photo by Peter Linhard

Heli-One support ensures mission readiness for Lufttransport AS. Their National Air Ambulance Service saves lives in remote and often harsh Norwegian conditions.

LA County Sheriff Department Aero Bureau, USA


Heli-One modified the LA County Sheriff’s fleet of Super Pumas with state-of-the-art mission-specific equipment; making them true force-multiplying assets.

CHC Helicopter, Worldwide


Heli-One supports CHC Helicopter – the world’s largest helicopter services company. CHC operates more than 250 aircraft globally.

Helijet, Canada


For over 25 years Helijet has provided excellent standards of air transport in British Columbia, Canada. Heli-One provides PBH support on their fleet of S-76 helicopters.

Icelandic Coast Guard, Iceland

icelandic-coast-guard-08Photo by Baldur Sveinsson

Heli-One’s PBH support for the Icelandic Coast Guard keeps their Super Pumas mission-ready at all times.

About Heli-One

Heli-One is based in Delta, British Columbia, Canada, and has MRO operations in Delta; Stavanger, Norway; Fort Collins, Colorado.; and now Rzeszow.  Heli-One is part of CHC Helicopter, the world’s largest helicopter services company, which, in addition to MRO services, provides transportation to offshore oil and gas platforms and ships and search-and-rescue agencies.  CHC is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and operates more than 250 aircraft in about 30 countries around the world.