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Heli-One’s Exchange Assets has S-76 Gearbox Availability January 27, 2016


Heli-One's Exchange Program has S-76 B/C Gearbox availability for operators looking for a cost-efficient and quick alternative for gearbox repair & overhaul. The Exchange Program allows for operators to minimize downtime through exchange when repair TAT or budget is limited.

Main Gearbox

  • PN: 76351-09600-044
  • PN: 76351-09600-045
  • PN: 76351-09600-047

Intermediate Gearbox

  • PN: 76357-05600-041

Tail Gearbox

  • PN: 76358-05600-042

New assets are continuously made available so please contact Heli-One's Exchange Program if you are looking for something specific or have questions about the Program.

Heli-One also offers a variety of component repair services, with emphasis on parts that have frequent shortages or long replacement leadtimes. Our Exchange program, Repair & Overhaul capabilities, and healthy inventory for S-76 components give customers flexibility and choice for cost options and quick TATs. 

For more information on our Exchange Assets Program & availability contact Mike Whalen at

For more information on our Exchange Program, please visit this page.