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New Modifications Added to Catalogue September 30, 2019

We have added several new listings to the online modifications catalogue:

Solid State CVFDR for IHUMS Aircraft
This modification upgrades the flight data recorder to a digital memory format. The recorder also has an underwater locator beacon. 

Single Seat Multi Purpose Adapter Plate
Heli-One has designed a machined aluminum plate that fits into existing seat tracks to facilitate seat reconfiguration. This allows for the crew to reconfigure the seats without changing the cabin floor. This plate gives crew flexibility and adaptability for different mission needs and requirements.

UT 2000 Stretcher Installation
This modification allows for crews to quickly add in a second stretcher placement in the cabin. The second stretcher fits into attachment points in the seat tracks. A Heli-One-developed multipurpose hook secures the stretcher to the floor. 

Bambi Bucket Provision
This modification gives multi-mission operators flexibility to add in a Bambi Bucket provision for firefighting purposes. The provision is a portable controller for the cabin crew to utilize and deploy the Bambi Bucket. 

Medical Equipment Rack for AW169
Heli-One has designed an equipment rack for the AW169 for EMS mission purposes. This rack is modular in format and has the advantage of tool-free installation. It is lightweight and locks into seat tracks and ceiling mounts. The rack has different equipment provisions (for electrical, oxygen bottles, etc) that can be reconfigured quickly and efficiently. This allows for the crew to customize the layout of the rack to their needs, patient comfort, and in accordance to medical transport best practices. 

CMA 9000 Flight Management System (AS365)
Heli-One has adapted a flight management system (FMS) upgrade for the Airbus AS365 Dauphin. This new FMS includes new requirements for navigation and Localized Performance with Vertical (LPV). The system is CMA 9000 from Esterline.

ADS-B Out - Becker Transponder
The ADS-B Out update Heli-One has developed utilizes the Becker Transponder. This transponder allows for continuous flight data communication and features security features for military and police aircraft.