Heli-One Achieves U.K. Defence Helicopter Engine-Support Certification


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February 27, 2014 – Delta, British Columbia, Canada – The United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) Military Aviation Authority (MAA) has certified Heli-One as an Approved Maintenance Organisation to provide helicopter-maintenance support services.

The MAA’s approval of Heli-One’s Maintenance Approved Organization Scheme (MAOS) application marks the first such certification for Heli-One to support the Makila 1A1 engines fitted to MoD aircraft.

The MoD uses the MAOS process to assess the competency of organizations seeking to provide continuing maintenance support services for military registered aircraft. The certification is highly desirable to companies selected for the majority of published and selective MoD opportunities.

“This achievement further validates the value Heli-One delivers its customers and the efficiency and excellence of our support capabilities,” said Kevin Charles, Heli-One sales director for Europe and the Middle East. “Customers depend on us to help achieve and maintain optimum mission readiness in the safest, most cost-effective manner possible, in all types of operating environments.”

The MAOS approval comes a year after the MoD selected Heli-One as a long-term Contractor Logistic Support (CLS) provider for the Makila 1A1 engines fitted in the MoD’s new Puma HC2 helicopter. The CLS model is based on best practices in the high-frequency commercial oil-and-gas support sector, where Heli-One is a leader in responsiveness and service levels.

Under the CLS agreement with the MoD, Heli-One sustains 100-percent engine availability under a “power by the hour,” or PBH, contract under which the MoD has complete budget awareness and control. The MoD also is able to forecast costs based on planned flight hours logged through a dual RAF and Heli-One reporting system, resulting in a high level of cost efficiency for U.K. taxpayers.

More information about Heli-One and the MoD contract is available at www.heli-one.ca.

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