Heli-One Sponsors 15th Annual Sea King Symposium


Boundary Bay, Canada

Heli-One is proud to support AAR CORP. by sponsoring the 15th annual International Sea King Symposium. This year the four-day event takes place in Melbourne, Florida, USA, between 17-20 September. This international event is a vital opportunity for the Sea King (AKA the Sikorsky S-61) community to come together and share knowledge and exchange information and presentations.

AAR CORP.’s theme for this year is ‘Connecting the Sea King/S-61 Stakeholders’. The symposium will provide a dynamic forum for the exchange of ideas and knowledge for Sea King operators and for those that support this versatile aircraft. The S-61 is famous as a versatile strategic helicopter asset, in both civil and military roles, and the aircraft forms an integral part of AAR’s airlift fleet.

Now in its 15th year, the Sea King Symposium continues to be an important forum for discussion of maintenance and technical issues for Sea King users and operators worldwide.

For more information visit http://www.seakingsymposium2012.com

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