Airinmar launches Helicopter Component Repair RFP on behalf of Heli-One/CHC

Airinmar has launched a new helicopter component repair RFI/RFP on behalf of ​Heli-One/CHC. This bid is open to all registered suppliers.The opportunity comprises of a new set of part numbers which have not been made available for bid and subsequent award in the past, and includes parts currently performed in-house by Heli-One MRO.   

This sourcing project consists of 1,529 components across several helicopter platforms, including S-92, S-76, S-61, AS332, AS365 and AW139, with fleet operations across Europe, USA, Canada, Brazil, and Australia.

If you are already registered then you are not required to do so again, you will be notified with the launch information soon. If you have not previously participated in Sourcing projects with Airinmar, or are uncertain, ​please register in order to receive the project information.  


All suppliers registered at this address will be included in e-mail correspondence relating to this and future RFP projects initiated by Airinmar Limited.

If you have any questions in relation to the project, please reach out to Airinmar directly at
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