Heli-One Develops New H225 Modifications

January 29, 2020 – Heli-One, a leading provider of helicopter maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) services, has developed several new H225 modifications for HEMS purpose. The modifications are a modular medical equipment wall and stretcher installation. These modifications support HEMS teams with improved flexibility and efficiency while maintaining patient and crew safety.

Updated Medical Wall

This is the third iteration of the modular medical wall developed by Heli-One. This new version features more provisions for medical equipment that can be quickly installed, removed or reconfigured without the use of tools. It is lightweight and connects to existing floor tracks and installed cabin rails. Options now include single or double oxygen bottles Size D, E or Jumbo D. Provisioned equipment could also include: Eagle II Ventilator or Oxylog 3000, Corpuls3 or Nihon TEK defibrillator, Laerdal Rescue or Compact Suction units, Gooseneck light, Sonosite Edge Ultrasound monitor, lockable medicine box, sharp container and/or aircraft power to recharge medical devices.  This wall now fits two versions of H225 floor boards.

Stretcher Installation

This stretcher installation is compatible with the H225 multipurpose or 1500kg floor. This provision allows for adaptability across aircraft fitted with different floors or cabin configurations. An adaptor plate is fastened to existing floor tracks or dedicated fittings if no floor tracks exist.  The adaptor plate allows fast, secure lock down of the Ferno Alfa stretcher, certified for crash load criteria.

H225 Med Wall Rendering H225 Stretcher Floor - Multipurpose  H225 Loud Hailer  H225 Enhanced Vision - Protective Guard 
 Medical Wall Rendering  Stretcher Installation on Multipurpose Floor  Loud Hailer Installed on Fuselage  Infrared Camera Installation


Loud Hailer Installation

For the H225 and AS332L/L1, Heli-One now offers two mounting options for the Powersonix 800W dual horn loud hailer.  If space allows, a streamlined sponson-inset mounting is offered with no impact to speaker performance. For other aircraft, a forward fuselage mount is offered left or right side just aft of crew doors.  The forward mounting option provides for direction adjustment - to aim the speakers in heading and elevation.

Enhanced Vision System

Visual monitoring is enhanced with a small long wave infrared camera (Lexavia LFX2010-4) that is attached to the bottom of the right side boarding step.  This can be used for external load or forward-looking operations and can be re-aimed on the ground.  The camera is controlled by the flight crew and is displayed on any suitable cabin display. Additionally, a display is mounted on top of the glare shield. 

Heli-One’s Design teams (Norway & Canada) have developed a portfolio of modifications for HEMS and SAR purposes. Combined with their experience in developing solutions for offshore, military and law enforcement operators – the two teams can adapt or develop solutions for a wide array of operational requirements.

Heli-One has decades of experience supporting the family of Super Puma aircraft including the civilian and military variants of the AS332 (L/L1/L2), H225, and H215. Between the global Heli-One facilities (Canada, Norway, Poland), the company offers complete MRO services including engine and dynamic component overhaul. The two Design teams have developed hundreds of major, minor and repair solutions for the Super Puma including a vast array of cabin and equipment reconfiguration options.


About Heli-One

Heli-One is based in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, and has MRO operations in Richmond, Canada; Delta, Canada; Stavanger, Norway; and Rzeszow, Poland. Heli-One is a leading independent helicopter MRO and hold certifications and expertise on a broad range of airframes and components from major helicopter and engine manufacturers, including Airbus, Sikorsky, Leonardo, Bell, Safran Helicopter Engines, Pratt & Whitney Canada and General Electric.

Heli-One is a segment of CHC Helicopter, the operating company of CHC Group Ltd. 

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