Heli-One Announces Gearbox Maintenance Partnership with Airbus in support of bid for the UK Ministry of Defence’s New Medium Helicopter (NMH) Programme


United Kingdom, 12 July 2023 - Heli-One, a leading global provider of helicopter in-service support services, is pleased to announce a partnership with Airbus to provide gearbox maintenance for its H175M helicopter in the event that Airbus wins the New Medium Helicopter competition. Heli-One and Airbus solidified this collaboration by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) during an event held in Aberdeen on 11 July.

This partnership has been developed in support of the UK Ministry of Defence’s New Medium Helicopter (NMH) programme, a strategic initiative aimed at acquiring a modern medium-lift support helicopter to replace several existing aircraft, including the Airbus Puma HC2, currently operated by the Royal Air Force.

Carolyn Forsyth, General Manager of Sales, Commercial & Customer Support, commented: “Heli-One is proud to support Airbus, with whom we have enjoyed a close and successful relationship for several decades now. Together with our sister company, CHC Helicopter, we bring unparalleled experience in operating and supporting the civil H175 helicopter in challenging environments, and are exceptionally well placed to enhance the reliability and performance of the new, modern and versatile H175M for NMH.”

Lenny Brown, Managing Director Airbus Helicopters in the UK said: “Our NMH proposal has the potential to generate high quality employment and export possibilities for the aerospace industry all across the UK. We’re delighted to sign this agreement with Heli-One which would put workload in support of the key gearbox maintenance activity into Aberdeen in Scotland. Heli-One’s longstanding expertise in this field is a valuable element of our bid.”

As a trusted partner of the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD), Heli-One has a long-standing relationship providing embedded support and maintenance for the Makila engines used in the existing Airbus Puma HC2 fleet. With two staff stationed at RAF Benson, Heli-One has consistently achieved 100% aircraft availability, demonstrating its commitment to supporting military operations and the specific needs of the UK MoD.

Carolyn added: "We are delighted to work alongside Airbus to support the UK MoD’s NMH programme. Our track record of supporting the MoD's existing Puma HC2 fleet showcases our dedication to delivering reliable maintenance solutions. Our industry-leading levels of availability are testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional service and enabling missions to be executed efficiently, effectively and safely.”

Heli-One's extensive capabilities include deep expertise in gearbox maintenance including for the, AS332/H225, AS350, AW139, S76 and S92 helicopters.

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