Ex-Change Parts And Heli-One Sign Service Framework Agreement for Super Puma Helicopter Components

Sweden-based Ex-Change Parts AB, a world-renowned supplier of refurbished helicopter parts, and Heli-One, a global leader in helicopter maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) solutions, today signed a new Service Framework Agreement to ensure the regular supply of crucial components for all Super Puma helicopter models.

Ex-Change Parts is a global market leader for the provision of helicopter aftermarket products, and has developed a particular specialism in supporting a number of aircraft, including the AS332 and EC225. The company supports more than 1600 customers worldwide including most major helicopter operators and maintenance organizations. Its 4000 square meter warehouse holds more than 60 000-line items that are sourced from more than 50 surplus inventories purchased and more than 20 part-out projects.

Ex Change Parts has worked closely with Heli-One for decades to maintain, repair and overhaul components and materials for its customer base. This latest agreement is an enhancement of their long-term strategic partnership.

As part of the agreement, Ex Change Parts will provide Heli-One with forecasts for its Super Puma customers’ requirements – including for MRH, MGB, IGB and TGB components – enabling Heli-One to conduct necessary maintenance and repair work well in advance, meaning customers can procure the components and parts they need without delay. 

ExChange Parts

Jens Morten Mørland, Sales Director Europe & Asia at Heli-One, expressed his enthusiasm for the Framework Agreement, stating, "Our team has decades of experience in maintaining the Super Puma fleet, and this Framework Agreement solidifies our long-term successful business with Ex-Change Parts. We are excited to bring our expertise and in collaboration with Ex-Change Parts deliver premium refined and controlled refurbished parts and components to the market."

The development of collaborative MRO solutions remains a top priority for both companies as they continually strive to meet and exceed customer expectations. The proximity of Heli-One’s Norway workshop to Ex Change Parts warehouse creates efficiencies for both companies. Ex-Change Parts is continuing to expand its capacity to ensure it can meet ever-evolving and growing customer demand.

Stefan Widén, Head of Stock Asset Management at Ex-Change Parts AB, emphasized the significance of Heli-One's high capability and quality of SUPER PUMA 225 and 332 platforms in the Norwegian Stavanger premises, stating: "Heli-One’s close proximity to our warehouse enables a rapid return of components and parts, meaning fast availability for our customers. Our partnership continues to go from strength to strength, underpinned by our joint commitment to delivering the highest quality of service."

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