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  • An Inside Look: S-92 Paint Job
  • ​Heli-One's Unique Repairs
  • Rotor Wing Fun Fact
  • A Conversation with Eddie Lane
  • Guess the Component Contest
  • Heli-One in the News
  • Heli-One in the Mod Store
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An Inside Look:

The Paint Shop at Boundary Bay recently completed full strip and paint on a Sikorsky S-92. Advanced technology utilized in the Paint Shop includes heated and timed booths using downdraft air circulation. Heli-One has nose-to-tail maintenance capabilities for the S-92 including airframes, components, avionics, and engines.

Heli-One's Unique Repairs

Did you know Heli-One has unique repairs? Learn about these in-house developed solutions that creatively solve problems, save money, and reduce downtime. 

DAR WeldingHeli-One develops unique repairs not available from OEMs and other repair facilities to address specific failures beyond the OEM manual and return to serviceable condition. These innovative repairs are an excellent way for operators to reduce scrap rates, increase part availability, minimize downtime, eliminate lengthy replacement lead times, and shrink part maintenance costs, while maintaining safety.  For Heli-One, developing unique repairs expands the maintenance technicians’ and Design Engineers’ expertise in part construction, failure, and repairs. 

DAR Welding 2Heli-One currently has around 500 proprietary repairs covering a spectrum of variants within 9 aircraft platforms and 5 engine types. The new repair development cycle involves teams from across Heli-One (Norway, Poland, Colorado and Canada).  

An Engineering Request is initiated by the Component or Engine shops to start assessment on the viability of a repair.  Repairs are classified either as a Major (which need approval from OEM, Transport Canada or EASA) or a Minor (which can be approved internally by the Norway or Canadian Part 21 Design Approval Organizations. The design team works with the shops to evaluate the repair, which must be viable on a business-level in order to move forward in development. Does this type of failure happen often? Is the replacement alternative costly? Is work stoppage an issue? These considerations and more are a part of the development process. 

AW139 Exhaust Duct ExampleIf a business case is made for a repair to move forward into development, research continues. This includes investigating the materials, application, and failure cases. Next, the part is restored back to serviceable condition. During this stage, the teams identifies opportunities to improve the part - such as more durable materials or different sequencing of production work to better resist failures.  Additional specialized processes and testing may be outsourced to external vendors.

The repair process is closely documented to ensure that the correct procedures are followed and that any deviation is accounted for. The Design & Engineering team evaluate the documentation, tests, and analysis of the repair to prepare it to be approved. Once the repair is deemed airworthy in a design approval context, an Engineering Order (EO) can officially be sent to the shop to formally certify the work. Even after the EO has been issued, the repair development process is iterative and the technicians and engineers continually look for ways to improve the process. As technicians become more adept and familiar with the repair, they give feedback on what processes are working and what could be improved.

AW139 2nd Generation Exhaust DuctNext Heli-One ensures that the repair will be acceptable to all airworthiness authorities either through automatic acceptance using the very strong bilateral agreements between authorities or through a specific validation effort. Most often Transport Canada, EASA, FAA and ANAC approval is all accomplished in one step.  Almost all other airworthiness jurisdictions accept these repairs based on trust of the EASA or Transport Canada or OEM approval processes.

An excellent example of success in this program is with the AW139 duct repair (1st and 2nd generation). With over 250 completed, the team is able to develop the repair into one that improves the durability of the part and extends lifespan - giving long-term value to the operator/customer. A custom station was created to accommodate the high volume of work and with improved efficiency, turnaround time on this revolutionary repair is down to 30 days.  This repair is being done in both Poland and Canada to further shorten supply lines and give better service to our customers.

“To see it evolve to what it is right now...every year something better that we come up (with) as a team to improve on the product and process,” reflected Adam P, Welder.

Heli-One was able to provide a long-term and cost efficient solution as an alternative to an expensive replacement. In other cases, repairs were developed to mitigate OEM part shortages or lengthy lead times. Heli-One’s unique repairs can effectively minimize downtime and be a cost-efficient alternative to replacement.

Rotor Wing Fun Fact

Rotor-Wing-Fun-FactDid you know that at the 1969 US Open (tennis), a helicopter was used to dry the court? At that time, the tournament was played on an open grass court and officials needed a quick way to dry the surface after 90 minutes of rain.

Helicopters are still used to occasionally dry off courts, even today!

Fun Fact courtesy of USA Today & USTA

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A Conversation with Eddie Lane

Eddie_Lane_Eddie Lane, Heli-One GM of European Operation discusses why, even in a turbulent market, it is important to continue to invest in what makes the company great: its people.

Here is an excerpt of that interview. For the full text, visit this page on the website.

You’ve recently expanded the team of Design
Engineers – is that surprising to people considering the market conditions?

There’s a lot of interest in what the Design team in
Norway has come up with. We’ve gotten to a stage where we’ve expanded our customer base beyond just oil and gas. There’s a lot of old aircraft with the
opportunity to be upgraded with newer technology. If you look at the things going on right now – all these are totally different skill sets and disciplines but they’ve been done in association with the customer.
How are you hiring when the mission requirements are so diverse? Are you hiring based on operational trends or do you hire to build a knowledge base?

There is so much demand for their services right now – we have to be ahead of the game and have a few staff at any given time to do R&D work so we can start to develop it. And it’s not just R&D for a product – it could even be for materials that are used in our industry. I think we have an opportunity to become a kind of a think tank. We’ve got the industry knowledge and the ability to think of ideas that customers don’t even know they need.

We have recently hired younger and less experienced people – but with interesting ideas to continue this environment of innovation.

What is one key attribute you hire for at Heli-One?

For me, the first and foremost is attitude. I assume that the required competence and education exists, but I would hire someone less educated but with a willingness to be better. You can train and educate people on their technical qualities but you can’t train attitude.

Guess the Component?

Guess the Component_Fall2016We have thousands of parts in our capability search - can you guess which one this is?
Clues: a PT6T engine part, our capability includes overhaul, repair, and testing. 

PRIZE: $100 iTunes Gift Card 

(1 winner drawn from correct responses)
To Enter: Email your answer to, comment on the LinkedIn post, or Tweet us @Heli_One! 
Contest closes on ​December 31st, 2016. 

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Heli-One In The News

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Heli-One in Modstore

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Upcoming Tradeshows
Come visit us to learn more about our capabilities and how we can help you with your maintenance needs. 

​December 6-8, 2016
Dubai, UAE

HAI Heli-Expo 2017
​Mar 6-9, 2017
Dallas, TX

Please contact to book a meeting at these upcoming shows.  

Below: The team at Helitech 2016 in Amsterdam

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