Supporting CHC over the long term


Heli-One has enjoyed a close working relationship with its parent CHC Helicopter stretching back two decades, after the maintenance division was formed as a stand-alone business in 2004.

The longstanding work that has come from CHC’s airline has allowed Heli-One team to build up unrivalled knowledge of this customer, the industries it works in and the aircraft it flies.

The relationship has also blessed Heli-One with institutional partnership with OEMs and suppliers that it wouldn’t be able to create if it were a pure-play MRO. As a client and partner to the OEMs, Heli-One is able to negotiate superior equipment and parts discounts, leverage increased purchasing power, and decrease costs associated with post-delivery modifications for CHC and its other clients.

Global reach
Heli-One’s technical team have benefited from servicing and modifying CHC’s diverse, global and busy fleet.

The extensive fleet is made up of Leonardo’s AW 139 and 189s, Airbus H175 and AS332 Super Puma, Bell 412 and Sikorsky’s ubiquitous S-92, as well as the S-76. Heli-One has supported with many of these aircraft, with significant time built up on the Super Pumas and S-92s, in particular.

CHC is flying search and rescue missions, providing air ambulance and emergency medical transport services, completing heavy lift tasks for utility companies, and fighting fires. These flights are taking place in some of the world’s harshest operating environments, from the cold of the arctic circle to the heat of the Australian outback, and all with specific modification and maintenance challenges, which Heli-One can help with.

Focus on offshore
One of its most dependable airframes has been the S-92s serving the North Sea energy production out of CHC’s operations in the UK and Norway. CHC are frequently transporting teams to and from offshore windfarms and drilling rigs.

With S-92 playing a critical role, CHC and Heli-One have co-operated extensively and made significant investments to ensure aircraft availability.

Together we’ve invested tens of millions in purchasing used S92 assets to return to service or utilize critical components. That includes ten lengthy and costly S92 part out programs to support component availability in the supply chain.

As a result, the proportion of long-term grounded aircraft in CHC’s fleet is around half that of others in the industry. Many of which have one in five helicopters on the ground at any one time.

This level of operational effectiveness and collaboration can only be achieved through the power of sustained relationships. By planning for the long-term, we have been able to build capabilities deliver 20 years of combined service excellence, aircraft quality and availability, and most importantly, safety.

The close integration between the operator and Heli-One has benefited both teams and their customers. CHC has maintained high operational readiness and safety standards for its fleet while Heli-One’s specialized MRO capabilities, purchasing power, and cost efficiencies are used to keep its customers flying.