Supporting military and government aircraft

As a company with a strong footing in the helicopter industry, Heli-One are proud to have been the preferred partner in many interesting and varied projects over the decades, enjoying a close relationship with government and military organisations across Europe, particularly in the Nordics. 

A standout achievement for the organisation was the involvement in assembling the B412SP fleet for the Royal Norwegian Air Force during the late 1980s. Presented as a puzzle from the manufacturer, the dedicated team carefully assembled the aircraft in their hangar at Sola, Norway. Since then, Heli-One have been trusted to upgrade some of the same helicopters into their current HP configuration. This fleet has been operating continuously and has had many types of missions, both in Norway and in foreign theatres, a proud achievement for the team. Continuing their partnership, the Norwegian government selected the team to perform the Westland Lynx Mk.86 airframe life-extension program, along with upgrades and support to the Norwegian Sea King helicopter fleet.

Elsewhere in the Nordic countries, the Heli-One team provided both nose to tail support over several years to the Swedish Armed Forces HKP10 fleet and performed a major upgrade programme prior to the helicopters being deployed to foreign territory. Together with “return to service” of the EC225 Search and Rescue (SAR) helicopters in both Greenland and Iceland, and the various support of Finnish Border Guard AS332’s, Heli- One leaves a big footprint across the Nordics ensuring all variety of mission preparedness.

Heli-One is currently contracted by Leonardo to support the Norwegian fleet of AW101 SAR Queen helicopters increasing the amount of trained personnel available to support the new Norwegian All Weather Search and Rescue Helicopter (NAWSARH) fleet. The organisation is very proud of this opportunity to work collaboratively alongside Leonardo and Air Force personnel, saving lives in Norway.

In addition to this, one of Europe’s biggest AS332 governmental helicopter operators, the German Bundespolizei, works extensively with the Heli-One Sola team on everything from standard airframe maintenance, component and engine repair and overhaul, to major design and modification programmes such as replacing old avionics/instruments with the latest technology such as glass cockpits.

Heli-One have one of the most experienced helicopter engine teams in the world. In the UK, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) contracted the organisation to manage the Makila engines for the RAF’s entire fleet of Puma helicopters. This includes engine maintenance, repairs and overhauls at the Sola engine shop, as well as dedicated on-site Technical and Customer support services at RAF Benson.

Our most recent project involves Heli-One personnel will provide first and second-line maintenance services onsite at military bases across Canada, in Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick. Heli-One has been providing embedded maintenance services for Bell and the DND’s fleet since 2016, and this agreement represents an extension and expansion of services already provided. Heli-One is also a supplier to Bell under the Griffon Limited Life Extension contract awarded by the Canadian government to Bell in April 2022, whereby Heli-One will incorporate modifications to modernize the CH146 helicopter and extend the life of the fleet.