Welcome to Heli One Virtual Expo

Welcome to Heli-One Virtual Expo 2020

 From Tuesday April 27th to Thursday April 29th, visit this page to watch the latest announcements, product updates, capability news, and other great content. Each day we will post new content and provide you opportunities to ask questions and download brochures & flyers - just like a show! 


Tuesday April 27th, 2021

  • Welcome Video featuring Christian Drouin
  • Heli-One Poland Facility Tour hosted by Lukasz Kozik
  • Introducing Sky Support

Wednesday April 28th, 2021

  • Market Update featuring Carolyn Forsyth
  • Heli-One Canada Facilities Tour hosted by Micah Jopson, Nik Racic & Billie-Ann Woo
  • AW139 Capabilities with Micah Jopson
  • Customer Service at Heli-One with Juul Heijblom & Marcus Zac Chard

Thursday April 29th, 2021

  • General Manager Roundtable
  • Heli-One Norway Facility Tour hosted by Jens Morten Morland
  • AS350 Showcase with Micah Jopson
  • "Could it Happen?" Helicopters in Movies with Christian Drouin, Rob Cole & Nigel Kerr

Thursday April 29, 2021


General Manager Roundtable

Heli-One General Managers Carolyn Forsyth, Morten Johannessen, and Jacek Baranowski participate in a quick-fire panel discussion about some key rotor-wing industry topics. 


Facility Tour: Stavanger

Sales Director Jens Morten Morland takes you through the Heli-One Norway facility in Stavanger. 

Download/view the Stavanger Facility fact sheet.

Learn more about our Stavanger facility. 


AS350 Capabilities

Production Facility Manager Micah Jopson gives us an overview of Heli-One Canada's AS350 component capabilities.  

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AS350 Component List

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Could it Happen? Helicopters in Movies

Have you ever watched a helicopter scene in a movie and wondered, "could it happen?" We picked three movie scenes featuring helicopters and posed that question to three team members. Christian Drouin, Rob Cole, and Nigel Kerr put their experience, operational knowledge, and Google-ing skills to the test. Enjoy! 

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Wednesday April 28, 2021


Market Update

Carolyn Forsyth (GM Sales Commercial and Customer Service) provides her perspective of the trends within the helicopter industry over the last year, and what we could expect.  

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Facility Tour: ​Canada

Take a look behind the scenes at Heli-One Canada's two facilities just outside of Vancouver in Richmond and Delta, BC. Meet Production Facility Manager Micah Jopson and Director of Maintenance Nik Racic as they take you through their facilities. 

Download/view the Vancouver Facility fact sheet.

Learn more about the Canadian facilities. 


AW139 Capabilities

Production Facility Manager Micah Jopson (Heli-One Canada) discusses Heli-One's AW139 component capabilities including an announcement about a recently approved capability. 

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Customer Service Feature

What is Customer Service at Heli-One? Meet our two Customer Service Managers - Juul Heijblom and Marcus Zac Chard who will introduce themselves and their teams and what their team's aim is. 

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Tuesday April 27, 2021 


Welcome Video featuring Christian Drouin

Christian provides a video 'welcome!' to our viewers around the world and a preview of this week's Virtual Expo content.

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Facility Tour: Poland

Base Maintenance Manager Lukasz Kozik shows you around Heli-One's 'newest' facility (finished in 2014) in Rzeszow, Poland. While it may not have the service depth of the other facilities, the team is quickly gaining new capabilities and is a facility to watch! 

Download/view the Poland Facility fact sheet.

Learn more about the Polish facilities.


Introducing Sky Support

Heli-One introduces Sky Support - a new offering for operators/owners. Christian Drouin, Carolyn Forsyth and Rob Cole explain what Sky Support offers. 

SkySupport Cropped-01

Learn More About Sky Support

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