Leadership Team

miguel carrasco  

Miguel Carrasco
VP, Heli-One

Miguel was appointed Senior Vice President, Technical Services at CHC in September 2022. He joined CHC in 2016 with 25 years of leadership experience in procurement, supply chain and technical operations. Prior to CHC, Miguel worked for a range of complex and industry leading companies, including as Head of Global Strategic Sourcing and Business Intelligence at Conoco Phillips and Managing Director of Technical Procurement at American Airlines. Miguel holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and an MBA from Arizona State University.


Carolyn Forsyth
General Manager 
Sales, Commercial & Customer Support

Carolyn Forsyth is Heli-One’s General Manager of Sales,Commercial & Customer Support. She was previously the regional sales director for Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. In her role, Carolyn oversees the Sales, Commercial and Customer Support functions at Heli-One. Carolyn came to Heli-One after nearly 15 years with Pratt & Whitney Canada, where she was General Manager of the company’s aftermarket engine sales and leasing division. Carolyn’s previous experience includes commercial positions in helicopter operations and maintenance with CHC, Bond Helicopters and Rotortech. Carolyn holds an MBA from McGill University in Montreal and a BCom from Edinburgh University.

Morten Johannessen

Morten Johannessen
General Manager, Heli-One Canada & Heli-One Norway

Morten Johannessen is the General Manager for Heli-One Canada and Heli-One Norway, overseeing the Canadian (Agar & River Road) and Norwegian (Stavanger) operations. Morten has been with Heli-One since 1994 (preceding consolidation). Prior to becoming General Manager, he was the Heli-One Director of IT Applications and had been in leadership roles in Supply Chain, project management, Business Development and Production Control. Morten began his career as an technical engineer in the dynamics workshop at Heli-One in Norway and progressed his career in Supply Chain before moving into Information Technology. He lead the standardization of processes across CHC with the replacement of legacy MRO applications by the implementation of AMOS (an aircraft maintenance management system).


Jacek Baranowski
General Manager, Heli-One Poland

Jacek Baranowski is the General Manager of Heli-One Poland. Baranowski has spent more than twenty years in the aviation industry, working for a number of first and second tier suppliers, including leadership positions at Bodycote Aerospace, SECO/WARWICK RETECH Thermal Equipment Manufacturing, Wallair Enginer Components (WEC Valatia), Unison Engine Components, AIC S.A. and Listemann Polska. He began his career as a Metallurgist Engineer at WSK PZL Rzeszow S.A. (now Pratt and Whitney Rzeszow) and has a Masters of Science in metallic materials engineering from the Rzeszow University of Technology..


Rune Tallaksen
​Director of Human Resources

Rune Tallaksen is Heli-One’s Global Human Resources Director. He was previously the Human Resources Director for CHC Helicopter Service AS in addition to Heli-One Norway and Heli-One Poland. In his role, Rune oversees all Human Resources activities with a particular focus on organisational development, leadership execution, responsibility and accountability. Prior to joining CHC 4 years ago, Rune served in the Norwegian army for 19 years leaving as a senior officer for the private sector to fill several HR leadership positions within oil service companies and drilling contractors. Rune holds a Masters Degree from the Norwegian School of Business, a degree from the Norwegian Army Military Academy and the Norwegian Defence Command and Staff College.

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