Heli-One expands PBH support of OMNI TAXI AEREO’s growing S76 Fleet

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA – (March 5, 2013) – Heli-One continues to expand its position as a leading provider of Power By the Hour (PBH) support services for the global helicopter market after capturing an est. USD $25 million contract with OMNI TAXI AEREO, LTDA (OMNI) of Brazil.

OMNI, based in Rio de Janeiro, has been providing helicopter transportation services to Brazilian Oil & Gas operations for many years. Their fleet is comprised of S92s, EC225s, S61s, AW139s and S76s in support of Brazil’s booming offshore operations, with a few of their aircraft dedicated to onshore work in the Southern Amazon. The new agreement adds two more S76C++ to their existing fleet of six and extends the contract to 2018.

“Omni’s fleet has sustained substantial growth in recent years and Heli-One is well positioned to support this growth,” said Larry Alexandre, President, Heli-One. “We are honored to be part of this ongoing partnership with Omni and are committed to living up to our reputation for quality support.”

Heli-One is the world’s largest, independent helicopter support company, providing engine and component repair and overhaul, modifications, inspections, completions and logistics support for 20 different aircraft types, operated by customers around the world.

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