Heli-One President speaks at IMH in London

London, 25 January 2012

Larry Alexandre, President of Heli-One, agreed to address attendees of the IPQC International Military Helicopter (IMH) conference in London on 25 January 2012.

Dedicated to the military helicopter community, and sponsored again by Heli-One this year, IMH attracts senior personnel from the international armed forces and from industry. In 2012 topics in discussion covered current helicopter capabilities and future requirements, as well as the latest trends in programme management and operation of military helicopters.

Heli-One has been providing invaluable MRO for global military helicopter forces for over half a century. Mr. Alexandre’s talk, ‘Industry Solutions in Support of Mission-Readiness’ began with an overview of Heli-One as a company – its services, global presence and areas of expertise. It then explored how operational readiness in mission-critical situations could be enhanced through the development of a sustainable partnership with an MRO provider:

  • Through operational excellence and technical expertise
  • Through reliability engineering
  • Through customer proximity and understanding of mission criticality
  • Extending asset life and improving operational effectiveness under budgetary constraints
  • Through upgrades, retrofits and modernization of existing fleet
  • Through concurrent engineering with operators

You can listen to Defence IQ’s podcast of an interview with Mr. Alexandre covering the key issues of his presentation at this year’s conference – visit IMH’s downloads page here.


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