Heli-One to Offer Innovative Glass Cockpit Upgrade

A new glass cockpit upgrade for older technology aircraft that can significantly improve situational awareness while reducing pilot workload and improving aircraft residual value is on display at Universal Avionics Systems Corporation’s booth # 3823 at this weekend’s Heli-Expo show in Houston.

The glass cockpit installation is currently being developed in co-operation with Universal Avionics Systems and employs EFI-890R large format flat panel integrated displays. The system has been designed for Sikorsky S-76 aircraft and has been tested against the SPZ-7600 flight control system and aircraft sensor system. The mockup features an approximate representation of the S-76C+ cockpit; however the EFI-890R can be installed in any model S-76 or other helicopter variant.

“This system offers some very significant operational and maintenance improvements to S-76 operators,” said Peter Kamenz, Heli-One VP Sales and Service. “The response to this project has been very impressive and there is strong demand for this product in the secondary market.”

In addition to improved situational awareness and reduced pilot workload, the increased functionality of the displays allows for improved navigation and flight information display with increased reliability. From an operational and maintenance perspective, the new technology is cheaper to maintain and the reduced parts count equates to a 31-pound weight reduction.

Heli-One is the world’s largest provider of third-party helicopter maintenance with headquarters in Delta, British Columbia and facilities in Stavanger, Norway; Ft Collins, Colorado; Adelaide, Australia; and Gander, Newfoundland.

Heli-One is the maintenance provider to the Soteria consortium which recently achieved preferred bidder status on the UK SAR-H program, a 25-year contract to operate 12 search and rescue bases across the United Kingdom.

For more information about the S-76 glass cockpit project, please visit Heli-One’s booth number 4317 or Universal Avionics’ booth number 3823 during the show. You may also contact David Ouellette, Heli-One Sales Manager, at +1 778 999 0284 or Norm Matheis, Universal Avionics Regional Marketing Manager, at +1 905 960 8648.

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