Heli-One Awarded Republic of Korea’s VH-92 Electro-Optical Infrared Program Contract

February 29, 2016 – Seoul, Republic of Korea – Heli-One, the world’s largest independent maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) company, has been awarded a contract by the Korean Defence Acquisition Program (DAPA) to complete the Electro-Optical Infrared (EO/IR) camera installation on the President of the Republic of Korea’s VH-92 aircraft. The VH-92 is the VIP transport variant of the Sikorsky S-92. 

“We are honoured DAPA has placed their trust in Heli-One for this important work.  This contract represents a major milestone for Heli-One as the first major project with the Korean government,” said Anthony DiNota, president, Heli-One. “Our extensive design capability and unmatched experience installing EO/IR helicopter systems, coupled with our ability to perform the work onsite at DAPA’s facility in Seoul will allow us to quickly and efficiently return the aircraft to its valuable work.”

The contract involves the installation of EO/IR camera systems and upgrades of existing moving map systems to the latest EuroNav7 version on the VH-92 aircraft. The installation of these features will provide pilots with greater situational awareness and visibility, enabling safer operation particularly in adverse weather conditions – a critical requirement for DAPA. The work is expected to be complete in late 2016.

Sky International, a leading aviation services company in the Republic of Korea and a Heli-One partner, was involved in the negotiations for this contract. 

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