Heli-One Norway Engine Shop Completes First CT7 Hot Section Overhaul

October 24, 2016 - Stavanger, Norway - ​This past August, the Heli-One Stavanger Engine shop completed their first GE CT7-8A Hot Section replacement/overhaul for an S-92 engine, destined for service in Brazil. The capability advancement was initiated in 2014, and was subsequently approved by GE in December 2015.

The capability to complete this task was officially announced by Heli-One at HAI Heli-Expo this past spring, with the first overhaul completed on-schedule. Accomplishing this required successful collaboration between parts, tooling, training and support services. The shop in Stavanger can currently accommodate handling two to three hot section overhauls per month.

This service represents an important milestone for the continued expansion of Heli-One’s capabilities with regard to the CT7 engine, which is the engine used in S-92 aircraft. Heli-One’s ability to accomplish this will provide a great benefit to customers, while reducing turn-around-time for the overhauls needed, bringing it down to as low an average as 20 days, in comparison to current market range of 25 to 30 days.

“Our team is excited to further expand our expertise with GE engines and the S-92 platform, and offer additional capabilities to our customers,” said Anthony DiNota, president, Heli-One. “The capability to overhaul the CT7 Hot Section not only saves customers costs over engine replacement, but it also minimizes aircraft downtime through significant reductions in turn-around-times for engine overhauls.”

Heli-One has performed replacement services of the Hot Section since the introduction of the S-92 in 2004, and the Stavanger facility currently supports a sizable fleet of S-92 aircraft. GE has trained Heli-One technicians on this capability, and has given Heli-One the approval to carry out the repair at their Stavanger facility.
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