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  • Behind the Design: 3D Printing Technology
  • Women of Aviation Worldwide 2017
  • An Inside Look: Heli-One Canada’s Big Move
  • Rotor Wing Fun Fact
  • Guess the Component Contest
  • Trending Now: Flight Display Modernization Upgrades
  • Upcoming Tradeshows
  • Heli-One In The News

Behind-the-Design-1-Spring-2017-Shop-ScoopBehind the Design: 3D Printing Technology

Heli-One developed an upgrade for the Sikorsky S-92 to enhance safety and situational awareness. This economical solution features two tail boom-mounted cameras that monitor the engine and cargo door operations in real-time. Two additional cameras can be mounted to focus on hoist and cargo hook operations. This solution provides pilots live video feed of critical external views that impact crew and passenger safety while inflight.

This solution was developed in-house using 3-D printing technology. The small physical size of this modification made it a perfect candidate to trial out 3D printing in the prototyping phase of the design. By printing in plastic, engineers were able to made adjustments for fit quickly and economically. This efficient design iteration loop allowed for the overall turnaround time to be reduced and the modification to be deployed sooner. For more info on this upgrade, visit this page.

Photos - Top Row: Technical drawing of the engine-view camera; half of the printed camera casing and a Heli-One nameplate; the 3D printer in action. Photos - Second Row: The 3D printer for prototyping; an S-76 ventilation duct transition prototype

Women in Aviation Worldwide Week

We recently recognized two of our female workshop technicians for Women of Aviation Worldwide Week (March 6-12) - Christine Yaco and Sue Walker. We are proud to share with you their journeys into aviation and what they find rewarding about their careers. These interviews have been condensed for space.

How did you get into the aviation industry?
CY: In high school, I was really into sports. I applied to 3 colleges: two sports/human kinetics programs and the AME Program at BCIT. A friend of mine was already in the Program and was enjoying it – I used to live close to an airport and I’ve always been fascinated by aviation. I wound up getting accepted to all three but with human kinetics, it’s something I can always do. I wanted to challenge myself and get out of my comfort zone.
SW: I entered the aviation industry in 1977, fresh out of high school looking for a job. I went to PWA to work in the flight kitchen. I decided to try Canadian Airlines. I started there as an aircraft cleaner, cleaning the planes. Then an opportunity came up to work in the hangar and they asked if I wanted to be a Process Cleaner and I said, “why not? Let’s try something different!” I had bets going that I wasn’t going to last more than two weeks. Well, I lasted 18 years. It started out as a 3-month job, and turned into 18 years...I joined another aviation company for a short time and then a role came up at Heli-One. I figured what I did in fixed-wing, I could do with helicopters... and here I am – 9 years later.

What do you like about working in aviation?
CY: I feel accomplished when I work on a part. I’m contributing to something bigger than myself. It’s also a lot of responsibility. I feel a lot of pride for the work I do and having the responsibility of someone’s safety in my hands.
SW: I’m intrigued by learning. I’ve always been intrigued by mechanical things and how things tick. It’s been constant learning all the time. It’s something
different. I’ve never been an office kind of person. I’ve always gotten my hands in there and made it work.

WOAW-Spring-2017-Shop-ScoopWhat advice would you give to someone, a woman or man looking for a career in aviation?
CY: Have an open mind. Women are very capable of doing whatever they want to do. Try it out and see for yourself! You always have options, especially if you are younger, so it’s good to try things outside your comfort zone.
SW: If you put your mind to it – you can do it...If you have a goal and want to do it – just go for it. If it’s in a male-dominated field, it will be more challenging but it depends on the people. I’ve been very fortunate to do this and everyone’s accepted me. I guess I must be doing something right! And I continue to do so until I retire. Or win the lottery.

To read Christine's full interview, click this link.
To read Sue's full interview, click this link. 

Rotor Wing Fun Fact

bluethunderDo you know what the helicopter in the movie Blue Thunder is based on?
It is based on an Aerospatiale SA-341G helicopter with a Turbomeca Astazou III engine. For the movie, SA-341G Gazelles were modified with bolt-on parts and a canopy patterned after the AH-64 Apache. Two helicopters were used in the filming of the movie, one for the actual stunts (a “stunt mule”), one as a backup in case the other was grounded for maintenance.
Many thanks to Brad Schneider for this Fun Fact!

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​Trending Now: Flight Display Modernization

S-61 Advanced Flight Display Modification
Heli-One has recently completed a Sikorsky S-61 flight display modernization project in Malaysia. This
extensive upgrade consisted of the installation of four glass displays and new flight management system. With this upgrade, the operator is able to reduce direct maintenance costs by eliminating the repair of analogue systems. In addition, the upgrade expands operational capability and avoids obsolescence. The displays and flight management system leverage the latest in visualization technology and reduce crew workload as well as enhancing safety and situational awareness.

In addition to this S-61 project, Heli-One has completed an Airbus AS332 flight display upgrade and is currently working on a Sikorsky S-76 project. Flight display modernization is an efficient way to upgrade existing aircraft, add lifespan longevity and increase overall value. This is an economical alternative to aircraft replacement; eliminating factors such as crew training and supply chain changes.

Learn more about this upgrade:

Guess the Component?

Guess the Component Spring 2017We have thousands of parts in our capability search - can you guess which one this is?
Clues: an AW139 part, our capability includes inspection, repair, and overhaul.

PRIZE: $100 iTunes Gift Card 

(1 winner drawn from correct responses)
To Enter: Email your answer to, comment on the LinkedIn post, or Tweet us @Heli_One! 
Contest closes on June 30th, 2017.

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An Inside Look: Heli-One Canada's Big Move

Heli-One Canada recently moved out of their previous home in Boundary Bay to new facilities in Richmond and Delta. Here are some behind the scenes pictures of the move’s progress. Many congratulations and thanks to the entire team for making this move happen in such a short time.

Heli-One In The News

For more Heli-One In The News, visit
Heli-One Introduces S-92 External Operations Visual Monitoring Upgrade
Heli-One Announces S-61 Supporting the Legacy Campaign
Flight Test Complete for New  Transition to Hover Feature in the AS332 Helicopter
Upcoming Tradeshows
Come visit us to learn more about our capabilities and how we can help you with your maintenance needs. 

Airborne Law Enforcement Association (ALEA)
July 23rd-28th, 2017
Reno, NV, USA

Helitech 2017
October 3rd-5th, 2017
​London, UK

AMTC 2017
October 16th-18th, 2017
Fort Worth, TX, USA

Please contact to book a meeting at these upcoming shows.  

Below: The Heli-One booth at HAI Heli-Expo in March 2017 in Dallas, TX.



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