Guess the Component?

Guess-the-Component-Fall-2017We have thousands of parts in our capability search - can you guess which one this is?
Clues: a Makila part, our capability includes inspection, repair and overhaul.

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(1 winner drawn from correct responses)
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Contest closes on December 31st, 2017.

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H1-Scott-Markwick-Top-20 Under 40
Heli-One Canada’s Scott Markwick (Manager, Base Maintenance) was recently recognized by Helicopters’ & Wings’ magazine as a Top 20 Under 40 aviation professional. Scott has been in leadership roles for the past seven years. As the youngest base maintenance manager at Heli-One Canada, he recognizes the importance of bringing up new generations of AMEs and believes in actively encouraging and mentoring apprentices that join the shop. He has been instrumental in implementing new processes and project management methodologies to increase the efficiency at Heli-One. He is very dedicated to his career, colleagues and industry, and takes great care and consideration in all aspects of his craft. 

Congratulations Scott! You can read the full profile in the July edition of Helicopters or Wings magazine.

Rotor Wing Fun Fact

Airwolf CastThe TV series AirWolf aired in the mid-80s and conceptualized a top secret weapon by the CIA capable of destroying cutting edge enemy aircraft. The helicopter was derived from a civilian Bell 222 equipped with props such as jet engines, air intakes, retractable rocket launchers and chain guns found at the wing tip. AirWolf in the TV series during turbo boost flight sounded like a howling wolf while in a hover the rotor blades made a ghostly wind drone.
Many thanks to Emmanuel Lorenzo for this fact!

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​Heli-One's Flight Test Organisation

Did you know that Heli-One Norway has an EASA-recognized Flight Test Organisation? Find out why flight testing is so important and meet Tore Reimers, the Head of Flight Test. 

Under new EASA regulations, companies that wish to perform their own flight testing must do so through a Flight Test Organisation. Heli-One Norway established such a Flight Test Organisation which was recognised by EASA in February 2016. They became the only non-OEM organisation in Norway to be recognized and is one of the first in Europe. The inaugural test flight was for the Electronic Flight Information System and Flight Management System upgrade on behalf of a third-party customer. 

Tore-ReimersOne of the key people involved is Tore Reimers, who is the Head of Flight Test. He is also a fixed-wing Test Pilot and acts as a Flight Test Engineer on rotary-wing aircraft. He leads a team that includes a Category 1 Chief Test Pilot, Chief Flight Test Engineer, and additional staff needed for any given project. This small but mighty team work closely with Design Engineers, operators, external vendors and regulatory representatives to ensure the thorough and safe helicopter flight testing. 

Flight testing is not simply a matter of “will it work?” but is a combination of applying methodology and best practices to demonstrate the safe operation and 
airworthiness of new modifications across a variety of situations. This means performing flight testing in a 
different scenarios, climates, and terrains to ensure that the modification performance can be tracked, detailed and if needed, adjusted accordingly. 

Testing can be broken down into three general stages: preparation & planning, execution, and reporting. Tore notes that the team learns the most from the first test - you are really able to see if the extensive planning translates into reality. He also commented that every project is unique - not only in the aircraft and modification but with operators/customers and regulatory challenges. These variables make each project a great learning 
opportunity and challenges the team to be flexible and adaptable but still keeping with stringent safety and regulatory standards. 

The team performs work for Heli-One’s Design department but can also contract out for 3rd party flight testing for other design organizations or operators. Many thanks to Tore & his team for the valuable contribution they make to Heli-One! 

Shop Scoop Shutter Break  

Since Heli-One Canada recently moved into new facilities, it was a good reason to do new photography to reflect updated aircraft and staff.  The Marketing team and photographer Angus Macgillivray spent a few days documenting the team at work. Many thanks to our human and rotor-wing models! You’ll see these new images roll out in Heli-One materials soon, but here’s a sample of snaps:


An Inside Look: ​Heli-One Norway's Avionics Shop

Avionics Shop 
Put on your shoe covers and step into the Avionics shop at Heli-One Norway!

As you walk around this bright and orderly room, you would be surprised to find out the astonishingly large list of capabilities this department has. Avionics is defined as electronics as applied in aviation. This covers everything from lighting to generators to radars. This team supports Heli-One by providing essential MRO services in close collaboration with other departments and shops.

The shop has a 10 day turnaround time on projects and has 17 technicians. The team can work through 80-120 projects per week and continue to add capabilities every year. This knowledge growth and capability expansion is essential to ensuring that Heli-One stays on top of the latest technological trends but also on the leading edge of safety and quality standards. 
Avionics Shop - Testing They have Level 3 Component Repair Capability - which means they are able to investigate down to the component level to make repairs or sub component replacement. This reduces the cost to customers (over component replacement) as well as BER rate. In addition to inspections, repair, and overhaul the shop has extensive testing capabilities that cover: radar, generators, batteries, communications/navigation equipment and searchlights.

  A selection of OEMs the team has capability for:

  • Rockwell Collins
  • Cobham
  • L3
  • Thales
  • Universal Avionics
  • Zodiac
  • Mahle
  • Penny & Giles
  • Ducane
  • Honeywell

Heli-One In The News

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