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AW169 Stretcher Solution

In January, a Scandinavian operator began active EMS services in the Nordic region. They were debuting their new aircraft, Leonardo’s AW169, which will replace their older aircraft this year. The operator provides vital transport of patients around the region and aircraft cabins are specially outfitted to reflect the nature of their missions. The major component of an EMS interior is the stretcher. Ultimately the crew faced some challenges with the original configuration.

Heli-One was asked to come up with a custom solution to meet patient transport standards and
The Norway Design team developed a solution for a stretcher and base plate combination that facilitates maximum adaptability for the crew and patient comfort. The base plate is designed for the stretcher’s different offset positions, giving crew the ability to adjust for the optimal patient angle. The base plate integrates with the standard seat track, meaning easy installation and release/lock of the stretcher.

The design, certification, and installation for the solution was done within a very quick turnaround time (around a month), allowing for the operator to meet their operation launch deadline. For the Design team in Norway, this was a significant milestone as this was the first modification designed for this aircraft type.

Heli-One to Support Royal Netherlands Air Force's AS532 Cougars

Heli-One to Support RNLAF Cougars

Heli-One has signed an agreement with the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) to provide on-site 
Intermediate/Depot-level maintenance on 12 AS532 Cougar helicopters and to support five additional 
aircraft in storage. The agreement covers inspections and maintenance above the 750HR/2-year interval, Makila 1A2 inspections, corrosion prevention, and support to the Operational Level Maintenance organization upon request. 

Heli-One is staffing a facility at the RNLAF Woensdrecht Air Base with project managers, technicians and support crew from Heli-One Poland. The RNLAF benefits from Heli-One’s high level of AS332/532 maintenance  expertise, which includes efficient service, industry-leading safety & quality, innovative problem solving, and extensive experience supporting military fleets. Heli-One will support the RNLAF with inspections and maintenance through the end of the Cougar’s current expected service lifespan in 2022, with a potential renewal through 2030.

The RNLAF provide a wide variety of security services to their national citizens and global community. They play an important role in maintaining airspace security around the world and utilize a diverse fleet to complete their missions. They operate 12 AS532 Cougars as well as CH-47, AH-64 Apaches and NH-90 helicopters from several bases around the Netherlands. The maintenance facility is located near the Air Force headquarters in Breda.

“We signed a contract for base maintenance for our RNLAF Cougar helicopters with Heli-One. 
Acknowledgements to the teams for all their preparations - a true contribution to support the fleet,” commented Air Commodore Richard Laurijssen. The RNLAF also acknowledged, “By signing this contract with Heli-One as sustainable partner we reach a milestone towards the future life of the Cougars.” 

“We are excited to take on this unique opportunity to collaborate closely with the RNLAF to support their Cougars to the end of their service lifespan,” said Eddie Lane, President, Heli-One. “I regard our team as the best in the industry for Super Puma support – having completed more than 150 major inspections for this variant. The RNLAF has a great team at their service and can expect quick and thorough service at the highest levels of safety and quality.” 

Tools of the Trade

We are introducing a new section to the newsletter - Tools of the Trade! We will feature some of the unique tools that our technicians use to perform MRO work in Heli-One’s workshops. 

Tool: FTI Bushings Tool

Purpose: Replacement of bushings. Cold expansion technology is used to fit bushings which improve the structural performance of the component. Our technicians receive special training to properly use the FTI Tooling for this process. 

Benefits: By having this capability in-house, we are able to shorten project turnaround times and eliminate the cost of external resources. 

Parts Supported: AW139 small components that require a bushings replacement such as: swashplates, scissors, flanges, and main rotor hub assembly.  
Bushings Tool Installation

​Heli-One in INSIGHT

Did you read our feature in the latest INSIGHT magazine? Read how we’re adapting to the 
different demands of the helicopter market.
Heli-One in INSIGHT

Introducing Ralf Schmidt

We are excited to introduce Ralf Schmidt - our new GM of North American Operations! Ralf splits his time between the facilities in Richmond and Delta, BC, and oversees operations in North America. We managed to catch him in between meetings for a quick chat:

Ralf-Schmidt_websiteTell us about your background:
I’m a Mechanical Engineer by trade and I’ve been in the aviation world for about 30 years, primarily in the Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) world. I started as a Production Planner and later was a Program Engineer and worked my way up into management. I served in the German Air Force for a couple of years before making the switch to commercial aviation at MTU Aero Engines. My family and I relocated to Canada in 2005 to lead the MTU Canada MRO facility in Vancouver. In 2016 I joined Heli-One and oversaw the Component and Engine shops before being promoted to GM.

What interesting things are happening at Heli-One Canada?
There’s a lot of good things happening with developing legacy support programs for the S-61, S-76, and CT58. As these helicopters and engine types are decreasing in use, operators have different needs and challenges. And it’s up to us to step up and meet these new requirements by supporting our customers with speed, leveraging our engineering expertise, and providing logistical support. The expertise level on our shop floor is considerable and we’ve been able to develop a lot of innovative engineering solutions that provide great value. In addition we are exploring new product lines for Components and want to participate in future government work. Currently we are strengthening our repair capabilities - specifically in our Accessory shop and are working on a strategy to grow this type of work. 

What do think a key focus for Heli-One will be in the near future?
We think there is a lot of opportunity for us to strengthen our mobile repair capabilities. At any given time we have teams all over the world on different projects and it would be great to develop our resources so we’re able to be flexible for operators’ needs.

You recently attended HAI Heli-Expo in Las Vegas - how did you find it?
Busy! I spent a lot of time meeting with customers and industry, listening to what people are saying. From what I’ve heard, the industry does seem optimistic. In meeting with customers, I’ve learned that it isn’t necessarily about one particular problem it could be supporting them in different aspects of their operations. 

And lastly, what is your favorite part of working in aviation?
It’s never boring! 
The complexity of the MRO work we do is significant. You are proud of the products you work on - whether that’s in airframe, engines, or components.

AN INSIDE LOOK: Stavanger's Secure Shipping

​At a global company, shipping is an essential part of Heli-One’s daily operations. Our Stavanger facility has additional approvals that allow them to expedite the process - but that also comes with some unique training and education. 

Our facility in Stavanger, Norway, relies heavily on speedy and efficient shipping services to send and receive parts and components. Heli-One’s other facilities and customers are located around the world, so our shipping teams are experts at sending anything anywhere. 

To facilitate this, our Stavanger location is an approved Regulated Agent. This means that the team is approved to conduct the security check and load cargo directly onto a passenger aircraft. Around 80 percent of goods shipped out of Stavanger is on passenger aircraft - so if you think checking in your luggage was an ordeal, clearing a swashplate is an entirely different matter.     

The major advantage of being a security approved Regulated Agent is that our team processes the administrative and security clearance of goods so that these can be shipped quickly and are not held up by delays. Cargo can be loaded up to 30-60 minutes before departure (on some flights) rather than going through an external resource or airport authorities where unsecured cargo could be held up to five days in quarantine.

Air cargo is held in a designated secured area within the Stavanger facility and only authorized personnel have access. To become an approved Regulated Agent, the team has to prove to the regulatory agency (Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority) that the physical space and staff training meet requirements. The shipping team undergo Security training for Regulated Agent every other year, which involves reviewing new regulations and real-life cases of security breaches. There are tabletop exercises, as well as annual physical tests, including the intrusion of non-authorized personnel or fake suspicious objects purposely planted to ensure the team’s visual inspection skills are kept fresh.

Team members must identify this object amongst the legitimate goods being shipped. HESS (Health, Environment, Safety & Security) Manager Rosanna Caragounis shared with us a picture of one of the devices that keep the team on alert and inspection skills up to date. 


The next time you get a package from Stavanger, you can be assured it’s passed a very thorough security check.

NEW: Online Modifications Catalogue

In early March we launched the all new Online Modifications Catalogue on the Heli-One.com website. 
Previously, we listed all our modifications in a PDF. You can still download the PDF from the website, but we encourage you to visit our new web application to learn more about the modifications we have designed for customers. Modifications are listed by OEM/aircraft type, mission purpose, and ATA chapter. The most powerful feature is the search located in teal-colored box above the menu – try your hand at searching for lighting or data recorder modifications!
Find the gear icon!
Your clues: AS332, ATA 33


We have hidden a gear icon in our modifications catalogue – if you find it, you will be entered to win our Heli-One prize pack:
  • Heli-One two-deck shuffler
  • Limited edition vintage-themed Heli-One notebook
  • Heli-One pen
  • Heli-One cell phone wallet
  • Heli-One water bottle
Found the gear icon? Email Marketing@Heli-One.com with: the modification title, project number and your contact information. Good luck and happy hunting! 
Contest ends on August 31st, 2018.


Heli-One Prize Pack


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