Heli-One is pleased to celebrate over 25,000 supported flight hours with Omni Táxi Aéreo. Heli-One has provided planned and unplanned maintenance services for Omni Táxi Aéreo Sikorsky S-76s and S-61 since 2012, totaling more than 25,000 flight hours. Omni Táxi Aéreo has benefitted from Heli-One’s expertise in the S-76 and S-61 platforms and received support for a variety of components, dynamics, engines, hydraulics, avionics, and equipment. Heli-One presented Omni Taxi Aereo CEO Roberto Coimbra an award at HAI Heli Expo to commemorate this milestone.

Read the full press release here. 

(Left to Right: Fernando Fernandes, Sales Director, Heli-One; Janaina Loureiro, CFO, Omni; Roberto Coimbra, CEO, Omni; Eddie Lane, President, Heli-One; Carolyn Forsyth, GM Sales & Marketing, Heli-One; Brit McDermett, Director Global Sales, Heli-One) 
Heli-One has received two Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) approvals from a recently completed S-76B upgrade project. One approval was for the flight display upgrade and one was for the VVIP luxury interior. The approvals were given by Transport Canada and the Malaysia Department of Civil Aviation. 

“These STCs are an acknowledgement of the great work done by our team in bringing this project to a successful conclusion,” said Eddie Lane, President, Heli-One. “This is our first modernization upgrade done for the S-76 and we are excited to present these option to the industry as a way to add additional years and value to this versatile aircraft type.” 

Heli-One has extensive experience supporting the S-76 and is an Approved Sikorsky S-76 Customer Support Center and Gearbox Overhaul facility. The Design team has developed over 50 post-delivery modifications and hundreds of proprietary repairs for this aircraft type 
The flight information display and flight management system upgrade replaces analogue systems with three 8.9” digital ‘smart’ displays, increasing operational capability, reducing issues with aging instruments, and eliminating the costs of replacing or maintaining older analogue displays. This upgrade is a cost-friendly option for operators who desire the modern S-76D-like avionics look and feel for other S-76 variants including the S-76A, C, C+, or C++ models. 

The EFI-890H Advanced Displays are capable of customization to show all primary flight information in a pilot-friendly, intuitive interface, enhancing safety, improving situational awareness and reducing pilot workload. The multiple screen installation allows for special mission equipment integration, such as Vision-1 synthetic vision with 3D terrain awareness and external camera inputs. Combined with the upgraded FMS, this cutting-edge and mission- specific navigation and control panel upgrade gives the customer added long-term value to their S-76B aircraft.

Learn more about the upgrade here. 
Heli-One is proud to showcase a recently completed VVIP luxury interior upgrade performed for a customer in Asia. The cabin has been redesigned with first class amenities to offer passengers a luxurious flight experience.

The upgrade includes:
• Multi-spectral LED lighting: Passengers can choose from a selection of light settings that can be fully customized depending on time of day or flight situation. Controls for the lighting system are via touch-screen displays in-cabin or remotely via iPad.
• Entertainment on Demand: Passengers have access to audio and/or visual entertainment shown on a 15-inch display in the cabin. The system is controlled through various touch screen controls (two wall panels, credenza display) and remotely through iPad or a smartphone app.
• Inter-Cabin Conferencing: Noise-cancelling headsets reduce operational noise while a conferencing system allows passengers to communicate with each other or the flight crew.
• All-Leather Interior: Installed with care by Port Aircraft Interiors. The all-leather seats were custom shaped and feature gold-embroidered detail representing the customer.
• Carbon Fiber Furnishings: Port Aircraft Interiors also custom-created the carbon fiber credenza and convertible table with a polished dark finish, offsetting the gold-plated hardware in the cabin.
• External Cameras: Passengers can monitor the external environment at any time during flight via two cameras installed in the tail boom (front view) and belly (pan/tilt/zoom functionality).

Read the full press release with installation details here. 
Heli-One gained AS350 blade MRO capability last year and after servicing customers in Norway and the UK, we are now open to working with operators worldwide!

Our AS350 blade repair process at a glance:
• Nickel strip replacement
• Trim tab repair and replacement
• Paint
• Skin damage repair
• Repair of trailing edge damages
• Repair of bonding foil
• Static balancing
• Lower surface polyurethane repair and replacement

AS350 blade MRO work will be performed at our dedicated blade shop in Stavanger, Norway. The shop is qualified for COV (Level I+) and BOV (Level D) work and also does services AS332 and H225 blades.  

More information on our rotor blade capabilities
Heli-One is pleased to announce they will be providing maintenance support for Air Center Helicopters’ Airbus H225 fleet through a multi-year contract. This contract covers airframe and a combination of dynamics, small components, and avionics. By leveraging Heli-One’s H225 inventory and expertise, Air Center will be covered for planned and unplanned events, thus reducing aircraft downtime.

Air Center Helicopters is based in Fort Worth, Texas and operates a diverse fleet of aircraft including Airbus H225s, AS332, Bell 412, and Bell 407. They provide helicopter services for civil and government purposes including: charter flights, utility work, cargo transportation, powerline maintenance, tourism, surveillance, SAR, Medevac, hoist operations, and film/photography support.

Read the full press release here
Unless you step into Heli-One Canada’s River Road facility, you probably wouldn’t know the depth of capabilities contained in one building. That’s the problem a determined team of employees wanted to solve. Earlier this year, the team at Heli-One Canada set out on a mission to reintroduce the company and capabilities to potential customers in the immediate area.

The team traveled throughout the lower mainland of British Columbia and met with potential aviation customers. Meetings focused on highlighting what Heli-One Canada’s Supporting Workshop has to offer, including cleaning, non-destructive testing, repairing, welding, machining, inspecting materials, detailed dimensional measurement, painting and treating surfaces. These initial visits were an unequivocal success with many contacts, local industry veterans, expressing surprise at the facility’s depth of capabilities.

“This was a great chance for us to show our neighbors the full depth of what the team is capable of doing,” said Ralf Schmidt, General Manager, North American Operations.

Want more information on our Supporting Workshop capabilities? Contact
Did you know actor Harrison Ford is a helicopter pilot? He also is a licensed fixed-wing pilot as well. Ford flies his Bell 407 around the Jackson, Wyoming area where he has a home. He has also stepped in to provide search & rescue support, having rescued a few lost hikers in the area. A real hero off-screen! Photo courtesy of Splash News. 
We have thousands of parts in our capability search - can you guess which one this is?

: an AS350 part, our capability includes inspection, repair, and overhaul.

PRIZE: Heli-One Swag Prize Pack (1 winner drawn from correct responses)

To enter: Email your answer to, comment on the Linkedin post, or Tweet us at @Heli_One! The contest will end on June 28th, 2019.  
 We debuted a series of 360-degree videos at our most recent trade shows. These videos feature our team in action and our work in service.

Watch all these videos and more on our Multimedia page. 
River Road Production Facility
This video features MRO work being performed at our production facility at the River Road facility of Heli-One Canada. Get up close to the work being performed including gear box work, welding, and calibration.
 360 Video-River Road
Search and Rescue Stretcher Pickup Exercise
This video features a Search and Rescue crew (based in Stavanger, Norway) doing a stretcher pickup training exercise. Heli-One modified the cabin of this AS332 to accommodate the unique needs of this mission type including provisioning of complex medical equipment.
 360 Video-Stretcher
Search and Rescue Hoist Training Exercise
This video features a Search and Rescue crew (based in Stavanger, Norway) performing hoist delivery and pickup training in the wilderness of Norway.
 360 Video-Hoist
Heli-One has announced the hiring of Fernando Fernandes to the Sales and Business Development team. He will focus on growing Heli-One’s presence and finding business development opportunities in Brazil.
“I am proud and honored to be joining the Heli-One team and being a part of this legacy of excellence in helicopter MRO services,” said Fernandes. “I am excited to continue my career in the rotor-wing industry, having spent 10 years on the helicopter services sales side. I am keen to take this opportunity, now on the maintenance side, as a way to further my knowledge of this dynamic industry.” 

“We are excited to have Fernando join us after a decade on the helicopter services side - I am sure he will find maintenance to be just as interesting and challenging,” said Eddie Lane, President, Heli-One. 
May 29-30, 2019
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