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Heli-One Total Solutions provides a Customized Turn-Key Acquisition Solution for helicopter operators. Heli-One Total Solutions enables them to efficiently sole source an Aircraft configured to their mission requirements, receive the crew training they require and to have the assurance of ongoing support for spares as well as maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) from one of the leading global MRO providers. 


Heli-One Total Solutions Service Offering:

  • Training for Flight and Maintenance Crews 
  • Modification, engineering and completions 
  • Full-in house customization capability for any mission profile
  • Turn-Key delivery including Export C of A as well as Registration and Shipping assistance 
  • Customized hourly parts services agreements
    • Nose-to-tail coverage
    • Defined components as required, requested by purchaser
    • Consignment inventories

Heli-One Total Solutions Aircraft

Contact Heli-One for sales and leasing opportunities on the following helicopter types:

AS332-Icon  s-76-side


Contact Heli-One Total Solutions

For Details on Available Aircraft Contact:
Mike Richardson
Heli-One Total Solutions
Director, Used Sales and Leasing


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