AS332 Maintenance Repair and Overhaul
Heli-One is widely recognised as a global leader in support of the Super Puma platform, amassing over 30 years of experience maintaining Super Pumas throughout the world. We support AS332 customers in the civil, military, paramilitary, SAR, EMS, and oil & gas sectors, and have conducted over 100 12-Year/G-Check inspections across our facilities. 

Heli-One can service the Super Puma from nose-to-tail and has developed extensive propriety repairs to lower overall maintenance costs.  We specialize in design and modification capabilities for a wide range of specialist roles and our design organization has developed multiple modifications to make your Super Puma mission ready – our current catalogue has over 40 STCs. Heli-One also offers by-the-hour maintenance support as well as leasing and exchange units. 

We currently offer AS332 maintenance, repair, and overhaul services at our facilities in Canada, Norway, and Poland.

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Our AS332 brochure and modifications (H225 are applicable to AS332)

Our team of technicians are fully licensed and receive additional training for specialized structures work. All our facilities have in-house supporting workshops to facilitate faster turnaround times and to maintain quality standards. Our state-of-the-art dedicated repair stations for AS332 ensure that your aircraft receives the highest quality service. Heli-One offers the full range of base maintenance services including:

  • All levels of inspections/checks up to and including 12 Year/G-Check Inspection
  • Full structural support
  • Corrosion removal and repair
  • Mobile Repair Team services
  • Minor/major structural repairs and modifications
  • Avionics - maintenance and minor/major modifications
  • Inspection, test, and re-certification
  • Investigation/fault diagnosis
  • Vibration evaluation and diagnosis
Our base maintenance services are offered at three locations: Stavanger, Norway; Richmond, Canada; and Rzeszow, Poland.

  • Large parts inventory for 12 Year/G-checks: including mandatory and typical stock lists
  • Complete full overhaul repair, and test capability for all major and minor components
  • Hydraulics MRO capability and test cell
  • Safety equipment MRO capability
  • Full Makila engine services
  • Full Avionics support (generators, fire detectors, batteries, communication systems)
  • Dynamics inspections and overhaul done in-house
  • Extensive modifications and repairs catalogue
  • Strong certifying team

Heli-One’s extensive AS332 component repair and overhaul capabilities are supported with different departments that collaborate to find solutions. In addition, Heli-One has inventory of serviceable components for quick exchange. Our depth of component service offerings give customers the flexibility of choice depending on operational and budget needs.
Highlights of our components capabilities - please contact us for a full list:
  • Gearboxes (Main-Intermediate-Tail)
  • Main rotorhead
  • Blades
  • Electric accessories
  • Instruments
  • Hydraulic components
  • Landing gear
  • Servos
  • Engine accessories
  • Fuel control units
  • Life rafts
  • Float gear
  • Fire extinguisher cylinders
  • Fuel tanks
AS332 L/L1/L2 Blade Repair:
​Heli-One Norway's state-of-the-art workshop has specialized tooling and resources that facilitate quick repair work. The shop is qualified to for COV (Level I+) and BOV (Level D) work and has been trained by the OEM to perform repairs.

AS332 L/L1 only: modification from 332A11-0024 to 322A11-0025

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Dynamic Component MRO

Heli-One repairs and overhauls AS332 gearboxes (Main-Intermediate-Tail) and the main rotorhead in short turnaround times. This high-quality overhaul is completed by a highly-experienced team with over 40 years of shop experience in repairing and overhauling helicopter gearboxes.

  • On-site repair capabilities and large part inventory
  • Exchanges, leasing/rental units, & Mobile Repair available
  • Dynamics test cell on premise

For more information:

Main Gearbox
Intermediate Gearbox
Tail Gearbox



Heli-One Norway’s Engine shop services Makila engines. They began maintenance and repair work on Makila engines in 1985 and full overhaul capability was achieved in 1990. Since then over 2000 engines have passed through the shop with over 500 overhauls and 1600 repairs being completed. The shop has an overhaul turnaround time of 45 days.

Heli-One provides full maintenance, repair, and overhaul services on:
Makila 1A - PN: 0298005040
Makila 1A1 - PN: 0298005060
Makila 1A2 - PN: 0298005110

Heli-One also offers:
  • Engine exchanges, leasing and rentals
  • Module maintenance, repair, and overhaul
  • Mobile Repair
  • Maintenance troubleshooting and testing

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Heli-One’s two Design teams design, certify, and install innovative and practical solutions in nearly any airworthiness jurisdiction in the world. We have over 100 Major/Minor modifications and repair solutions for the AS332 and have worked with military and civil operators representing every mission type in the industry.

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A selection of our AS332 modifications

For more AS332 modifications - please visit our online modifications catalogue:

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