AS332 Cockpit Voice and Flight Data Recorder

Heli-One offers a combined Cockpit Voice and Flight Data Recorder System (CVFDR) for the AS332 Super Puma helicopter that is compliant with EUROCAE ED-112 and FAA regulations. This installation utilizes the Teledyne Controls Mini Flight Data Aquisition Unit (MFDAU) and the Curtis Wright Multi Purpose Flight Recorder (MPFR). Parameter list compliant with EASA AIR OPS.

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Quick Facts

  • Compliant with EUROCAE ED-112 & FAA
  • 2 hours of recorded audio
  • 25 hrs of flight data
  • Data download via Ethernet
  • PGS software available for data replay
  • Teledyne Controls MFDAU: 5.2kg
  • Curtis Wright MPFR: 3.2kg
  • EASA STC by Heli-One

Parameters Summary

  • 4 Channels of audio tailored ​for your intercom
  • All flight control positions and aircraft response parameters
  • Autopilot modes of operation
  • Critical engine and gearbox parameters
  • Parameters required to accurately determine the flight path, speed, attitude, engine power, operation, and configuration

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