​AS332 & H225 Utility Configurations

Heli-One has extensive experience supporting the AS332 and H225 in a variety of mission types. We work closely with crews to configure aircraft to maximize productivity potential while maintaining the highest safety and quality standards. Our team has off-the-shelf solutions or can customize a configuration to best suit your crew, mission, and operational needs.

Heli-One's Modification Services

  • Design Approval Organization/Design Organisation Approval, DAR & in-house STC approval capability
  • All-in-One design services: Design, Certification, Installation, and Training
  • 40+ years of organizational design experience with
  • 30+ dedicated designers & engineers
  • Design & modification experience across a variety of platforms
  • Designs focused on expanding operational capability and extending the longevity and value of aircraft

Utility Configuration

Heli-One has adapted the H225 for a wide variety of uses that includes work in heavy lift, surveying,  inspecting, transporting, lifting, dousing, fertilizing, newsgathering, and more. Here are a sample of installations we can provide for you. Our global Design teams can also develop customized solutions to adapt to mission flexibility and maximize operational capabilities. 

Example Basic Configuration

  • Cargo Hook Installation
  • Lightweight Trim Installation of new trim
  • Bubble Windows and Doors Custom fitting and installation
  • Horizontal Grab Window Installation

Other Modifications and Services

  • Mirrors
  • Equipment removal
  • Upgraded Flight Management Systems
  • Cockpit Modernisation
  • Latest radar and EGPWS
  • Satellite Communications
H225 Water

Utility Configuration Pricing

From supporting large multi-purpose fleets, our Design team has a wide selection of modifications that can be adapted for various uses. Our Design teams can also develop customized solutions to fit your unique operational needs that will ensure you stay flexible for market demands.. Contact us at Sales@Heli-One.ca for more information or for a quote for H225 Utility modification services. 

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