AS332 Main ​Rotor Head Repair and Overhaul

Heli-One’s extensive capabilities have proven why it is an industry leader in Helicopter repair & overhauls. With our world-class turnaround times we can completely repair and overhaul your main rotor head in just 40 days. This high-quality overhaul is completed by a highly-experienced team.Repairs can be done in 20-25 days depending on part number and work scope.The company has over 40 years of shop experience in repairing and overhauling Helicopter Gearboxes. This overhaul also applies to the AS532 and H225/H725.
AS332 Main Rotor Head Repair
​Quick Facts
40 days TAT for overhaul
Fully equipped Test cell
Approvals include EASA, FAA, TCCA, JCAB, ANAC
Part Numbers

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