AS332 Vision-1000

Heli-One offers the Vision-1000 flight data monitoring installation for the AS332 series of helicopters. This small and economical flight data recording solution captures vital flight data to help you better manage the safety and performance of your aircraft.

AS332 Vision 1000 Flight Data Monitoring
Vision-1000 recorder & Video playback of cockpit imaging

Recorded Data:

  • Attitude data (pitch, roll, yaw, acceleration, etc.)
  • GPS (latitude, longitude, ground speed, vertical speed, GPS altitude, etc.)
  • Cockpit imaging (2Mp@4 Hz)
  • Ambient audio

About Vision-1000

  • 0.3 kg (6.6lbs)
  • 28V DC power
  • GPS antenna under eyebrow window
  • Removable flash memory 8 GB, 2 hours image/audio, 16 hours data
  • Protected flash memory 8 GB, 2 hours image/audio, 16 hours data
  • Analysis software on PC
  • Appaero (OEM) offers automatic analysis service of flight data

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