AS332 VXP for Onboard HUMS

Heli-One installs Honeywell’s Vibration Monitoring System (VXP) for Onboard Health Monitoring System (HUMS). The VXP is a low cost alternative that constantly monitors vibration for all critical rotating components. The proven system enhances safety through early detection of mechanical issues and adds long-term operational value from improved maintenance planning.

AS332 VXP-Onboard-HUMS


  • Main/Tail rotor Track & Balance (optical tracker – day/night)
  • Engine acceleration/deceleration
  • On-board vibration analysis of gear boxes, airframe and drive shafts
  • User friendly VXP display unit for ground acquisition and replay of data (also for on-board analysis in flight)​

Parameters Summary

  • VXP HUMS airborne Acquisition unit
  • Optical trackers for main and tail rotor
  • Drive shaft accelerometers
  • IGB accelerometer
  • TGB accelerometer
  • MGB accelerometers
  • Fuselage accelerometers
  • Oil cooler accelerometer
  • Engine accelerometers
  • Optical sensors​

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