External Camera Installation

Heli-One offers a camera installation for enhanced situational awareness and safety. A Lexavia LFX 2010 IR/Daylight camera is attached to the airframe and the feed is patched in to any cockpit multifunction display. The camera can be positioned in a forward-facing or vertical position to monitor terrain or cargo operations. This camera operates in all light settings and has magnification capability for detailed monitoring.

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Key Information:

  • Forward-facing or vertical-facing installation options
  • Low installation time
  • Video feed can be patched into any cockpit multi-function display
  • Operates well in daylight and low-light settings
  • Latest infrared VOx LWIR technology
  • Can be used for hoist, fast-rope, or sling operations
Lexavia Camera-Mounted
Lexavia Camera

Camera Specifications:

  • Aerodynamic housing
  • Magnifications capability
  • White Hot / Black Hot setting
  • Standard and high resolution sensors
  • 3 different fields of view
  • Camera weight: 2lbs/0.9kg
  • NTSC video/PAL video
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