​Arriel Engines

Heli-One Arriel Engine Capabilities

Heli-One has performed over 200 Arriel engine overhauls at our Fort Collins facility in Colorado, with a team of dedicated and highly trained professionals.  We repair and overhaul all modules for Arriel 1 and 2 engines and are certified to perform up to Level 4 Maintenance on both families. Additionally, Heli-One has the capability to perform Maintenance Manual Procedures for Arriel 1 FCUs and Arriel 2 HMUs.

Did you know that Heli-One guarantees a 45-day turnaround time on Arriel engines?

When your engine arrives at our facility, we perform a comprehensive inspection to assess the condition and identify hidden damage as outlined by the OEM documentation. Depending on condition, your engine then follows a rigorous process which entails, but is not limited to, disassembly, cleaning, module assembly, testing, and final inspection. Heli-One’s processes have been designed around lean principals in order to reduce cost and TAT, getting your engine back in service quickly.

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Arriel Engine Capability
Arriel 1
Arriel 1B
Arriel 1C
Arriel 1C1
Arriel 1C2
Arriel 1D
Arriel 1D1
Arriel 1S
Arriel 1S1
Arriel 2
Arriel 2B
Arriel 2B1
Arriel 2C
Arriel 2C1
Arriel 2C2
Arriel 2S1
Arriel 2S2