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At Heli-One, we stock numerous different parts ready to be purchased at your convenience. As an alternative to purchasing brand-new parts we have carry a large inventory of used serviceable parts available for outright purchase.

Some of these parts have been deemed as beyond repair (BER) by OEMs and we’ve taken them and repaired them to an almost brand-new state.  If you’re looking at cost-effective parts for your helicopter, Heli-One have you covered.

The large database of parts we have accumulated are ready to be shipped out to you at a moment’s notice and have the necessary approvals to be installed on your aircraft.  Search our part sales database of over 2000 spare parts and contact us immediately when you’ve found the part you’re looking for.  

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Heli-One is also an authorized distributor for the following companies:

Authorized Honeywell Distributor  Authorized Switlik Distributor 
We offer part sales for Honeywell and Switlik parts:
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*We do our utmost to make sure our database is accurate. However, we cannot absolutely guarantee availability.

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