AW139 ​Tail Rotor Scissor Repair


Heli-One’s extensive repair capabilities have proven why it is an industry leader in helicopter repairs. With our world-class turnaround times, we can repair tail rotor scissors in just 10 - 21 days. Additionally, getting your tail rotor scissors repaired at Heli-One offers you 33% savings versus purchasing replacements.


  • 10 - 21 days TAT (depending on repair severity)
  • 33% cost savings over replacement
  • OEM-quality repair that is a cheaper alternative to replacement (repair deemed BER by OEM)
  • Quick repair TAT compared to OEM replacement leadtime
  • Heli-One proprietary repair approved by TCCA, FAA, EASA, and ANAC
  • Cost flexible customized repair: full inspection & repair estimate for multiple options

Quick Facts

  • Over 200 tail rotor scissors repairs completed in last two years
  • Repairs includes replacing bushings and repainting the scissor
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AW139 ​Tail Rotor Scissor Repair
Tail Rotor Scissor
Tail Rotor Scissor
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