AS332 Super Puma Capabilities and Services

Heli-One is widely recognised as a global leader in support of the Super Puma platform, amassing over 30 years of experience maintaining Super Pumas throughout the world. We support AS332 customers in the civil, military, paramilitary, SAR, EMS, and oil & gas sectors, and have conducted 70 G-checks on the L/L1 and 15 9,000HR inspections on the L2. Heli-One currently supports a fleet of Super Pumas totaling over 40,000 flight hours per year.

Heli-One can service the Super Puma from nose-to-tail and has developed extensive propriety repairs to lower overall maintenance costs.  We specialize in design and modification capabilities for a wide range of specialist roles and our design organization has developed multiple modifications to make your Super Puma mission ready – our current catalogue has over 40 STCs. Heli-One also offers by-the-hour maintenance support as well as leasing and exchange units. 

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AS332/532 Capabilities
Base Maintenance
All levels of inspections/checks
Full structural support
Corrosion removal and repair
Minor/major structural repairs and modifications
Minor/major avionics modifications
Super Puma T Check
Super Puma G Check
Repair ​and Overhaul
Makila 1A, 1A1 & 1A2 engine overhaul
Main gearbox
Main rotorhead
Electric accessories
Hydraulic components
Landing gear
Engine accessories
Fuel control units
Life rafts
Float gear
Fire extinguisher cylinders
Requalification of pressure cylinders
Fuel tanks