AS332 Electronic Flight Information System Upgrade

Heli-One can service the AS332 from nose-to-tail and has developed extensive propriety repairs to lower overall maintenance costs.  We specialize in design and modification capabilities for a wide range of specialist roles and our design organization has developed multiple modifications to make your helicopter mission ready – our current catalogue has over 40 STCs. Heli-One also offers by-the-hour maintenance support as well as leasing and exchange units.

AS332 EFIS Display

Heli-One installs the Electronic Flight Information System (EFIS) upgrade for the AS332 based on Universal Avionics EFI-890H - a well proven system with wide interface capabilities. This upgrade modernizes the cockpit display by increasing operational capability as well as enhancing crew safety & awareness.

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Electronic Flight Information System Upgrade
Twin EFI-890H Displays (Universal Avionics)
Data Concentrator Unit
L3 Standby Attitude Indicator
Dual Digital Air Data Computers


  • Replaces analogue flight and navigation instruments
  • Reduces direct maintenance cost: eliminates repair of existing analogue systems
  • Provides pilot-friendly, intuitive interface which enhances safety, improves situational awareness, and reduces workload
  • Extends operational capability and avoids obsolescence
  • Dual screen allows for special mission equipment integration (eg. synthetic vision, terrain awareness)
  • Proven in many different aircraft types and well supported with spares & repairs
  • Full autopilot integration 

Display Capabilities:

  • Limited structural repair
  • Attitude (ADI)
  • Heading (Compass)
  • Altitude
  • Vertical Speed
  • ADF
  • VOR/ILSRad.Alt.
  • FMS Data
  • DME/FMS Distance
  • Autopilot and Modes Annunciators
  • WX Radar
  • Synthetic Vision
  • Coupler Command Bars
  • Doppler (optional)
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