AS332 Electronic Flight Information System Upgrade

AS332 Flight Management System Upgrade

Heli-One offers a dual Flight Management System (FMS) upgrade for the Airbus AS332 platform. This upgrade uses the latest Satellite-Based Augmentation System (SBAS) technology, including GPS and LPV approach. The FMS includes a Multi-Mission Management System (MMMS) which allows the pilot to fly predefined patterns.

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Flight Management System Upgrade
Universal Avionics’ UNS-1Fw FMS
Universal Avionics’ Solid-State Data Transfer Unit
Universal Avionics’ Radio Control Unit


  • Wider range of flight management tools and flight pattern automation reduces pilot and crew workload
  • New GPS and LPV technology enhance situational awareness and safety
  • MMMS maximizes mission performance with predefined strategic flight patterns
  • Integrates with Electronic Flight Information System upgrade
  • EASA and TCCA STC​

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