S-76 Advanced Flight Deck Modification

Heli-One is widely recognised as a world leader on the S-76 platform having supported hundreds of aircraft through by-the-hour support contracts. We currently support an S-76 fleet with over 70,000 annual flight hours. Our engineers have developed more than 50 post-delivery modifications for the S-76 enabling our team to prepare your S-76 for ​any mission.

Heli-One installs an advanced flight deck modification for the Sikorsky S-76 which modernizes the flight display by updating flight-critical avionics, increasing operational capability as well as enhancing crew safety and awareness.
S-76 Advanced Flight Deck Modification
Flat Panel Integrated Display (FPID) with 3 Universal Avionics EFI-890H displays
Universal Avionics UNS-1Fw Flight Management System
L3 ESI-200 Standby Instrument
(optional) Universal Avionics Vision-1 Synthetic Vision System
(optional) Honeywell MK XXII Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS)
(optional) Honeywell Primus P700A Weather Radar
(optional) Avidyne TAS-620 Traffic Advisory System

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  • Reduces direct maintenance cost: eliminates repair of existing analogue systems
  • Provides pilot-friendly, intuitive interface which enhances safety, improves situational awareness, and reduces workload
  • Extends operational capability and avoids obsolescence
  • Three screens allows for special mission equipment integration (eg. synthetic vision, terrain awareness, traffic awareness)
  • Optional advanced topographical mapping from Synthetic Vision & Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS) upgrades
  • Proven in many different aircraft types and well supported with spares & repairs
  • SBAS-capable Flight Management System (FMS) with search patterns and LPV approach capability
  • Can be retrofitted in S-76A/B/C variants eliminating conventional pitot-static and electro-mechanical flight instruments or Honeywell EFIS systems
  • High-res, high-contrast displays provide superior readability throughout a full range of lighting conditions
  • STC anticipated in Fall 2016

Display Capabilities

  • Attitude 
  • Heading 
  • Altitude, Airspeed, Vertical Speed
  • VOR/ADV/DF Bearing
  • Flight Director and Autopilot Modes
  • FMS/VOR/ILS Course & Guidance
  • DF Bearing
  • Radio Altimeter
  • Flight Plan
  • DME
  • Ground Speed
  • Radar
  • Synthetic Vision: 3D terrain mapping (optional)
  • Digital topographical map with GPS positioning (optional)

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Heli-One News


Heli-One to Upgrade and Provide Maintenance for the Sultan of Johor's S-76s

Heli-One will provide a flight deck modernization and routine maintenance for the Sultan of Johor's Sikorsky S-76 aircraft. The flight deck modernization will extend his aircraft's lifespan as well as expanding operational capability.

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