S-76 Main Gearbox Overhaul
(A, B, and C Variants)


As a certified S-76 service center and authorized overhaul facility, Heli-One performs S-76 main gearbox overhauls with a quick TAT. Our decades of Sikorsky experience, extensive repair capabilities, and focus on customer service reduce turnaround time and cost.
S-76 Main Gearbox
Part Numbers


  • Targeted 45 Day TAT
  • Extensive experience in S-76 maintenance
  • On-site repair capabilities and large part inventory are workarounds to common industry part shortages (such as Housings)
  • Dynamic component test cell on premise
  • S-76 Certified Service Center>
  • 50+ main gearbox proprietary repair capabilities extends part lifespan and reduces cost

Choose Repair over Replacement Lead Time:

Customers can avoid lengthy replacement leadtimes with Heli-One’s repair & overhaul capabilities that save time and money. Our in-house repair capability and parts inventory enable TAT to be shortened to 45 days. Heli-One’s in-house designed Design Airworthiness Requirement (DAR) repairs meet regulatory standards and prolong the lifespan of parts, which means immediate and long-term cost savings for customers.

Lower Housing Upper Housing Rear Cover
Number of Repairs Available 7 9 10


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