The Sikorsky S-92A is a twin-engine helicopter that specializes in civil and military missions. With a capacity of up to 19 passengers, the S-92 is powered by twin turboshaft GE CT7-8 engines and can be retrofitted for more specific missions such as search and rescue.

Heli-One's S-92 Maintenance Services

Heli-One has supported over 300,000 flight hours on the S-92 and currently supports a global fleet of helicopters. We have significant in-house repair capability on S-92A components, reducing turn-around-times and per hour operating costs for our customers. Heli-One also offers ​custom maintenance support plans as well as leasing and exchange units for the S-92A.

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S-92 Capabilities
Base Maintenance
Full structural support
Corrosion removal and repair
Minor/major structural repairs and modifications
Inspection, test and re-certification
Non-destructive testing (NDT – MPI and FPI)
Replacement of life limited parts
Service bulletin compliance
Investigation/fault diagnosis
Vibration evaluation and diagnosis
Repair and Overhaul
Electric accessories
Dynamic components
GE CT7-8 Hot section replacement
Air Inlet

S-92 Leasing and Exchange 

Heli-One has leasing and exchange opportunities for S-92 components - minimizing aircraft downtime by avoiding repair & overhaul turnaround times. Our asset availability is constantly being updated, for current and upcoming availability please contact us by using the form below or emailing GeneralSales@Heli-One.ca

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