S-92 Service Life Extension Program (SLEP)

S-92 SLEP_Process
Station 328 Repair from start to finish

Heli-One offers the Sikorsky Service Life Extension Program (SLEP) with an average working day TAT of 10-16 days. The short TAT is made possible through our technicians’ expertise on the S-92, previous SLEP experience, and familiarity with Sikorsky tooling. This service is available at Heli-One facilities or we can send a mobile team (MRT), for Program delivery.


  • 10 Working Day TAT (Regular SLEP),16 Working Day TAT (Alt SLEP)*
  • Trained by OEM on SLEP procedure
  • Proven capability with Program and tooling knowledge
  • Flexible service delivery: Program capability at Heli-One facilities or a mobile team is available
  • Extensive experience in providing maintenance, overhaul and repair services to S-92s

*based on typical SLEP, not accounting for unforseen delays​

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