Heli-One has developed extensive capabilities at each of our global MRO facilities based on the requirements of our customers. See how Heli-One can meet your maintenance requirements.

  • Heli-One Repair and Overhaul Capabilities

    Repair & Overhaul

    Heli-One is an industry leader in repair and overhaul capabilities covering product from all major OEMs.  We focus on lowering cost of ownership and increasing aircraft availability by reducing turnaround times, developing in DER house repairs, and customizing maintenance packages. Our capabilities include:

    • Dynamic Components 
    • Structures
    • Engine
    • Blade Repair
    • Landing Gear
    • Avionics
    • Hydraulics
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  • Heli-One Heavy Maintenance Capabilities

    Heavy Maintenance

    Heli-One has three heavy maintenance facilities around the world performing major inspections on AS332, H225, AS350, AW139, S-92, S-76, S-61 and Bell 412/212.  Our team of experts carries out full inspection, performs structural work and replaces any corrosion to the airframe.  We also carry out major modifications and if necessary, can refurbish the interior design of your aircraft.  Any and all findings are recorded and repairs are then carried out to return your aircraft to serviceable configuration.

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  • Heli-One Design STCs and Modifications

    Design and STCs 

    We have extensive experience of the operational requirements and optimization of aircraft configurations. Whether your need is safety motivated, driven by obsolescence issues or simply to enhance your mission capability and readiness, we can provide safe, reliable, durable and cost efficient solutions to support your operations.

    Our EASA and TCCA Approved Design Organizations can design and certify a wide array of modifications certifiable in any Airworthiness Jurisdiction in the world.

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  • Heli-One Mission Completions


    Our completion services are world-renowned with over 145 Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) and more than 40 Parts Manufacturer Approvals attesting to our versatility and creativity. We can prepare your helicopter for the following missions:
    • EMS
    • Oil & Gas
    • Search & Rescue
    • VIP
    • Law Enforcement
    • Military
    • Utility
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  • Heli-One Painting Capabilities


    At our paint bays, we will closely work with you in planning the graphics to display on your aircraft and will work meticulously to deliver unmatched stencil and painting quality.

    Our paint shops handle all complete aircraft striping prepping & painting duties including speed lines, stencils, decals and all maintenance markings. We also produce all of our own graphics and stencil cutting in many different languages and can handle any size of repair from a complete paint or small touch-up.

  • Heli-One Mobile Repair Team (MRT)

    Mobile Repair Team (MRT)

    Our Mobile Repair Team’s (MRT) perform inspection and troubleshooting of aircraft in the field environment as well as in the shop.  Heli-One is well equipped to complete maintenance or repairs in the environment our customers choose. We’ve completed numerous MRT missions at customers’ facilities around the world and our MRT services will ensure that you get your aircraft back in the air quickly and safely.

  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

    Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

    Our non-destructive testing (NDT) services ensure the safety and integrity of all components and airframes that pass through our workshops, identifying potentially hazardous flaws before they become a problem. NDT techniques used by Heli-One include:

    • Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection
    • Magnetic Particle Inspection
    • Eddy  Current (Level 1-3)
    • X-Ray (level 1-3)
    • Ultrasonic (Level 1-3)

  • Heli-One Welding Capabilities


    Our aviation certified machinists and technologists ensure that all work is carried out in accordance with the relevant standards and completed to the highest levels of quality and precision. Our state of the art machine shop includes 3-axis CNC bed mills, 5-axis manual mills, manual engine lathes, universal grinders for internal, external and face and surface grinding. Dimensional standards are maintained by modern calibrated metrology equipment and a CMM housed in an environmentally controlled laboratory.

  • Heli-One Specialized Equipment

    Specialized Equipment

    Our machining shop contains some of the most powerful equipment in the industry, operated by some of the most experienced engineers in aviation.  Heli-One strives for the latest repair and overhaul technology that will enable us to maintain your helicopter more efficiently and constantly invests in more powerful equipment. Our equipment includes:

    • Kneel Mill
    • Engine Lathe
    • Deckel Milling Machine
    • Kellenberger Uni Grinder
    • CNC Bed Mill
    • Surface Grinder
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